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Aluminium pallets

The food, chemical, or pharmaceutical industry needs to meet the highest hygiene standards during production, transport, and storage. At each of these stages, aluminium pallets are the best choice to ensure phytosanitary safety. They have several advantages over wooden or plastic pallets. Unlike them, they do not deform, break, crack or swell. Aluminium pallets are lightweight and firm and can withstand greater loads. Thanks to their smooth and resistant surface, they are easy to clean and do not absorb odours or dirt. They are resistant to temperature changes and can be used in all weather conditions. They do not require additional treatments such as fumigation or heat treatment. They do not rust and are resistant to fire and mould. They, therefore, comply with European standards and HACCP procedures – unlike wooden pallets, which can be a source of microbiological contamination.

Save and renew

Aluminium pallets not only ensure hygienic and sanitary safety but also contributes to saving money. They are lightweight and therefore reduce delivery costs. They are made of durable material, so you don’t have to spend money on frequent replacements or repairs. In addition, using aluminium pallets in the internal logistics chain significantly reduces the amount of waste generated. Due to the durability of the material and the ease of cleaning, you will be able to use the same pallets for a very long time, still meeting safety and hygiene standards. In addition, aluminium pallets can be easily recycled without any loss of material properties. Aluminium is a material that can be recycled almost endlessly. Therefore, pallets made of this material have an advantage over wooden or plastic pallets, whose reuse is limited by the possibilities of the material.

Highest standards

We are a Polish manufacturer of the offered Euro aluminium pallets. In our plant, we manufacture two types of pallets: on the skids and feet. The models available in our shop are made in standard sizes(e.g. 1200×800 mm), which makes them suitable for lifting by forklift trucks. The aluminium profiles used in the production process are laser-cut so that all elements fit together perfectly. Pallets made of this material are also safer for employees, as they are resistant to damage. Even in the unlikely event of damage, dangerous splinters or nails will not protrude from them.
All available models follow the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Hygiene Practice (GHP) rules. Our aluminium pallets guarantee to maintain the highest norms and standards in contact with foodstuffs, cosmetics, and chemicals.