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Bar Stools

Contemporary design trends freely draw on different places and styles. Interiors are reminiscent of factories, art studios or modern barns. The reason is simple – we want to combine the comfort of everyday life with individual tastes. Bar chairs have also found their way into private homes – after all, their original use was in catering establishments. However, hockers have turned out to be so functional and aesthetic that they have not only entered everyday household use, but have become a real hit in interior design! For any kitchen, regardless of its decor, we recommend hockers made of metal and wood, without upholstery. After all, the kitchen is a space where it is very easy to get dirty, so it is worth betting on furniture that is easy to keep clean.

Kitchen revolutions

Bar stools are furniture which can be used in practically every kitchen. Regardless of the size of the kitchen, they will become a comfortable supplement of its equipment. High stools without backrests are perfect for small kitchens. If you have an extended worktop, which also serves as a kitchen table, such hockers are the best solution! Not only are they the right height for your worktop, but you can easily tuck them underneath. In addition, while cooking you can talk to the person sitting on the other side of the countertop. A high stool will ensure that your faces are at a similar height, making it easier to make eye contact and facilitate casual conversation with the person working in the kitchen.
For larger kitchens or living rooms with a kitchenette, we particularly recommend models of stools or chairs with a backrest. They work best in rooms with a kitchen island. The kitchen island is often equipped with an elevation, separating the dining area from the working area. Placing bar chairs there will make the island a multifunctional space where you can prepare and eat a meal.

Sturdy bar stools

But let’s not forget about the primary function of hockers, namely bar seats. They are perfect for all kinds of public spaces, such as hotel lobbies, pubs, restaurants and bars. Placed along the counter, they allow for easy contact between the customer and the barman. They also work well placed at a long table along a window or a wall – a solution that has become increasingly popular recently! Models made of wood and steel will fit in perfectly with modern, industrial or loft style establishments. For professional use, models without upholstery are also recommended. They are much easier to keep clean and frequent wiping with hygienic and disinfectant products will not harm them.