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Bioethanol Fireplaces

Imagine a warm, summer evening and chilling out at the fireplace. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? You can create such a blissful and magical atmosphere in your garden with a bioethanol fireplaces. It is a safe and an ecological solution. What’s more, it becomes more and more popular for being tidy and clean as well as for its user friendly qualities which makes it an interesting alternative to a classic fireplaces or charcoal barbecues. Bioethanol fireplace is also a designer element of a garden’s architecture. Its interesting form make it look like a modern, abstract sculpture besides its being a utility element.

Bioethanol fireplace for a terrace

Bioethanol fireplace is a genius idea even for a terrace if you do not have a garden. It will create a magical fairy like atmosphere, even if your space is limited. A rectangular shape fireplace fits perfectly on a terrace or a large balcony. It does not take up too much space while having all the qualities of an ethanol fireplace being useful, fashionable and practical. The fireplaces on our offer are made of corten steel what makes them extremely weather resistant. Architects and designers often choose this material for its practical advantages such as an interesting and intriguing look. In addition to this, all our model types on offer are equipped with a fireplace glass which protects fire from being extinguished by a gush of wind.

An eco alternative

For those who care about the environment, bioethanol fireplaces are the best possible solution. It is fueled by a special bioehanol liquid fuel rather than solid fuel like wood or coal so does not generate smoke or ash. It is a better solution not just for the environment but also for us – our evening will not be spoiled by an acrid smoke and there is no need to clean the fireplace grate which puts it at a huge advantage compared to a classic fireplace. Bioethanol fireplace is extremely user-friendly as you do not need any help to assemble it at a terrace or in a garden. You just put it on a solid and flat ground in the chosen spot of your terrace or a garden and enjoy its glowing fire straight away!

It is possible to custom make the fireplace and adjust it to indoors use. It would look fabulous in the modern style living room. It can be placed by the wall or in the central point of a room to give it a unique look and attract everyone’s attention!