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Camp Beds

Are you an active and sociable person who loves spending time with your loved ones? Or maybe outdoor trips are your way of spending your weekend off? If so, you certainly often need an extra place to sleep. Field beds are perfect for this role. They are light and easy to fold. Therefore, you can easily store them in the attic, cellar or wardrobe, and when necessary pull them out and quickly unfold them. They are also easy to transport due to their weight and compact size. The frame made of steel or aluminium provides a solid load capacity and the polyester material is resistant to damage, tearing and has waterproof properties.

Touring beds for camping

If camping outdoors is relaxing for you and overnight camping is your favourite form of holiday, folding camping beds are a must! Nowadays tents are constructed in such a way that you can easily fit a camp bed inside. This means you don’t get as cold as sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor. Not to mention how much your sleeping comfort will improve! Or maybe you organise scout camps or similar trips for children and young people? Supplying your centre with practical camping beds is a great way to provide adequate sleeping space for more people.

Folding beds – an alternative to a mattress

Folding beds on a metal frame are the ideal option if you don’t have much storage space and an extra piece of sleeping furniture is a must for you. Due to its small size when folded, a camp bed can also be stored in flats in a block of flats or holiday cottages. It’s a great alternative to an inflatable mattress. Firstly, it’s much quicker to unfold a camp bed than to inflate a mattress. Also, folding the furniture is quicker than deflating it. In addition, the sleeping comfort is higher, as the bed does not creak and does not pull cold like a rubber mattress.

A spare bed for guests

If you often have family and friends staying overnight in your house or flat, an extra guest bed is essential. However, not everyone has the opportunity to furnish a guest room with extra sleeping space. In this case, field beds will be just right! If necessary, you can quickly unfold them and make bedding for your loved ones. Or maybe you’re in the middle of a move and your bed hasn’t arrived yet? A folding piece of furniture can be a great temporary solution. A field bed is an extremely practical and multifunctional piece of furniture that is sure to come in handy in any home!