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Candle Holders

Candles, set in a room, allow you to create a unique atmosphere. Their warm light makes every room instantly become a cosy, romantic space. To fully enjoy their glow, we need candle holders which keep the candles upright and protect our furniture from dripping wax. Metal candlesticks are objects which harmoniously combine decorative and practical functions.

Candle holder not only for holidays

We put candles in the house in the long winter evenings mainly. It is usually during the Advent and Christmas period when we start thinking about decorating our home for this extraordinary time. For sure, nothing emphasizes the Christmas climate so much as a warm flame of candles, reflecting in beautiful Christmas tree baubles. It is worth providing candles in an appropriate, climatic setting. A Christmas candle holder in the shape of an angel, a Christmas tree, or a star will be perfect for this purpose. A Christmas lantern is also an attractive and safe idea. There are many possible patterns, and each of them is perfect for making this unique Christmas time more pleasant and decorative.

Let’s not forget that Christmas is not the only time to enjoy the glow and warmth of candles. The correct setting will allow us to “play with fire” all year round! Modern candlestick will be perfect in the loft and industrial spaces. We also recommend geometric models for this type of interior. If we want to add a touch of glamour to our apartment, a decorative candlestick will be perfect for this purpose. A multi-armed wall model is definitely the most unobvious option, and thus it will be perfect for rooms with original, eclectic decor.

Convenient solution

A metal candlestick is undoubtedly a unique element of interior design, but first of all, it is a usable object. First of all, it protects our furniture from being splashed with wax and from contact with fire. A romantic dinner with candles would surely lose its charm if the tablecloth was covered with wax! It also makes it easy and safe to move our candles from one room to another. If you decide to take a long, hot bath during a relaxing evening by candlelight, you can move the candles from the living room to the bathroom. Of course, your candles can live there permanently! In this place, a more enclosed candle holder will work perfectly to protect your candles from water damage.