Charcoal Barbecues

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Charcoal Barbecues

Most people enjoy outdoor barbecue parties. Spending time this way brings to mind warm summer evenings spent with family and friends. Charcoal barbecues are an essential element of such gatherings. They are a source of warmth and light and most of all delicious food! Focus on the best quality of the grill to get the highest standard of cooking!

Corten steel BBQ

Barbecuing in a garden is as much enjoyable in the spring as it is in the summer. But why not prolong such a pleasure into colder months, like autumn and winter. Corten steel charcoal barbecue gives us such an opportunity and makes it possible to enjoy grilled potatoes and sausages all year round! Corten steel is a corrosion and weather resistant steel. The changing weather conditions cause the products made of corten to take on a rusty patina on the surface due to its alloy with copper chromium. However, such coating does not process deeper into the material and prevents its corrosion. The BBQ can remain outdoors in excellent condition regardless of the season, making it possible to prepare meals whenever we like!

Designer steel

Besides its durability characteristics, corten is also an unusually desiger material making it popular among architects and designers for its interesting rusty coloured coating that serves as a perfect complement to the garden or terrace architecture. Its modern, geometric shape makes it look like a sculpture which presence would certainly be noticed and appreciated by everyone. Another useful thing to put next to your BBQ would be a corten garden base. It will be very useful to have plates and cutlery at hand when you need them. What’s more, you will complement your garden arrangement with a very practical element.

Ever burning fire

The charcoal barbecue on our offer is designed in such a way as to combine a unique design with a high functionality. They are both coal and wood fired and are equipped with an adjustable cooking grate as well as high side panels so they can be used as a typical charcoal barbecue as well as a small fireplace grill. Coal or wood can be stored on a a charcoal grid that each model is equipped with. Such advantages combined with a high quality material as well as an interesting design make the corten charcoal barbecue a very reasonable investment for many years.