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Decor Antlers

When arranging our home we often lack ideas on how to give it a unique and unrepeatable character. We don’t want our interiors to look like those from every catalogue, but we want them to be interesting and intriguing with their original design. Modern antlers will definitely add such a note to your space! Made of Corten steel, they will become the main decoration of each room, catching the eye from the threshold. They will hang like a modern, abstract sculpture. In addition, they are a great alternative to real horns, which are a little bit overdone and unfashionable decorative element.

Take design by the horns!

Modern decorative horns are an extremely designer accessory. They are perfect for rooms decorated in a sparse industrial style. They will look beautiful against a concrete wall or red bricks, which will emphasise and highlight the natural, rusty colour of weathering steel. Corners will also find their place in a slightly less austere loft. They will look interesting in the living room, as well as hanging over the bed in the bedroom. They will also perfectly complement a monochromatic room arrangement. If the room is dominated by black, grey and white, placing a rust-coloured antler there will break the uniformity of colours. Such antlers will also suit rustic style interiors. They will bring there a breath of fresh air and modern design, their form refers to classic antlers, hung in country houses. This is a great example of a romance between classics and modernity!

Horns of plenty

Our decorative antlers can also be placed outside! We make them of Corten steel, which is a material extremely resistant to weather conditions. So exposure to sun, rain, or frost will not harm them. Corners on the wall, regardless of weather conditions, perfectly emphasize the modern decor of terrace or balcony. They will also work well in country backyards and in more luxurious summer or holiday cottages.
In our offer, we have antlers referring in their shape to chamois, deer, hare and caprine. Each design is made in a different size, so you can choose the model that perfectly fits your needs and possibilities. Regardless of where you decide to place this interesting wall decoration, you can be sure that it will become the focal point of your space!