Garden Edging

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Garden Edging

A home garden is increasingly more than just a lawn. Its surface may consist of many different areas with different functions, which need to be separated in a clear and practical manner. This is why garden edging is a valued solution which allows you to separate lawns, flowerbeds, multi-level rockeries, walkways and paths from one another. Corten edging is an interesting alternative to typical wooden or plastic palisades and concrete kerbs. Above all, they are much more subtle and elegant, so they do not dominate the garden. After all, it’s your plants that are most important there! The material also works in favour of our fences. Corten steel is incredibly strong and weather resistant, so our lawn edging is an investment for years!

Set boundaries

If you have a pathway in your garden, whether it’s a gravel or aggregate pathway, you will know the problems that come with it. Pebbles spill onto the lawn, making it difficult to mow, and the path itself becomes overgrown with grass over time. In order to keep your garden paths in perfect condition, it’s worth getting the right edging. They will prevent the path from becoming overgrown, as they will prevent the grass roots from growing further. It will also keep gravel and pebbles in check. This way, your garden will always look perfect!
Lawn edging is also useful for all those who use bark mulching. This is a method which has many advantages. Unfortunately, it also has a major disadvantage – the bark tends to spill outside the designated beds. To keep it in check, simply divide the bed from the lawn with a border. Problem solved!

Snake traps

Sturdy garden edging is also the perfect place to put cables and watering hoses. If you hide them there, you won’t have to worry about them being damaged while mowing the lawn or bitten by pets. You’ll also keep your children safe by eliminating the possibility of them tripping over a stretched cable or hose and falling over.
Our edging comes in many forms so you can create a variety of shapes to suit your garden, flowerbed or flowerbed.