Garden Plinths

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Garden Plinths

Many people choose to place beautiful but delicate plants in their garden. They deserve to be properly displayed and need a safe place where they won’t be trampled, run over or splashed with water. Garden pedestals are a great way to do this. They will provide adequate space for your potted plants. If they’re set up high, they’ll be safe from unforeseen accidents! Such pedestals are great not only in the garden, but also on the balcony or terrace. The combination of several models of different heights allows to create a uniform composition – even in a small space. If you prefer a more eclectic arrangement, you can combine the pedestal with one of the flower stands. Your balcony or terrace will certainly look stunning!
A garden pedestal will not only make space for your pots, but will also beautify and decorate your garden. Their beautiful rusty brown colour will work beautifully with natural greenery. It will give extra depth to your plants, which will appear even more beautiful against their background!

A place for a podium

This type of pedestal is not only suitable as a base for garden pots. We often place statues or sculptures of various kinds in the garden or on the terrace. However, in order for them not to disappear into the background, they need a base on which to stand. Our garden pedestals work well as a base for your sculpture. Their various shapes and sizes will allow you to find the perfect one, which will beautifully bring out and distinguish the figure against the green vegetation of the garden. We make them from durable and hard-wearing Corten steel, so they’re sure to hold the weight of art!
Also consider that the pedestals themselves look like abstract sculptures. Their interesting appearance will certainly add an interesting and original note to your garden design. If you combine several models, you can create a somewhat mysterious and extravagant decoration for your property.

Versatility is key

Pedestals can be used in even more ways! You can place the tall pedestal next to the barbecue, where it serves as a handy tabletop for various utensils: plates, cutlery or glasses. It also has space for vegetables or sausages waiting to be cooked. The lower, more square model can easily be used as a patio or garden table in an industrial style! It will certainly be an original and unique solution.
There will also be space for our bases in restaurant gardens. If you are looking for elements of small architecture, which will allow you to distinguish your premises from others, interesting decorations are the basis of the bases! You can put lamps on a pedestal, which will illuminate tables or an outdoor bar. It is also worth paying attention to the corten pots, which, combined with the bases, will allow you to create a harmonious and coherent arrangement of the garden.