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Hallway Benches

The hallway is easily overtaken by disorder. Jackets, coats, bags, leashes, shoes… And in the middle we try to pull on our shoes. It’s worth getting some ergonomic hall seats near the front door – after all, this room is the showpiece of your home! Firstly, you’ll find a comfortable place, accessible from the threshold, to sit down, stretch your legs and put on your shoes comfortably, sometimes with the help of a spoon. If you have children, getting them dressed will become a whole lot easier and quicker – both for them and for you.

An upholstered hall seat, placed in the entrance area, will also make returning from shopping much easier. After all, we don’t want to step into the depths of the flat in our shoes, especially in winter or rainy autumn. However, we need somewhere to put our shopping in order to take off our shoes and jacket. Putting shopping directly on the floor, especially groceries, is not a good idea. If you have a bench in your hallway, you can put your shopping bags on it and take off your outerwear in peace. It’s a stable, practical and comfortable piece of furniture whose presence you’ll certainly appreciate once the seat is in your hallway or hallway.

A very big advantage of the hall seat is that you can easily fit it into an existing arrangement. This type of furniture can easily fit under a hall hanger. It does not take up as much space as a shoe cabinet equipped with a hanger. Therefore, you can easily change the arrangement of the furniture in the hallway whenever the need arises! Moreover, the metal hall seat is a lightweight piece of furniture that does not have an additional shoe cabinet. So you can easily rearrange it yourself.

Comfortable hall bench

An upholstered seat on high legs in the form of a hall bench has many advantages over a classic pouffe or a model fitted with shoe cabinets. First of all, you can easily vacuum the floor underneath it without having to move the furniture – even if you put a lot of sand on it. Secondly, the seat itself is easy to clean too! Thanks to the fact that only the upper part of the furniture is upholstered, you can easily keep it clean. In addition, there is no risk of someone accidentally kicking the upholstered side to get it dirty – the seat will not get dirty as easily as furniture upholstered in fabric.

Another advantage of such a seat is the fact that you automatically manage your shoe storage space – no more pairs of shoes scattered all over the hallway! It’s so convenient that you always have the shoes you need and use at hand. It’s not stored in a cupboard, so you don’t have to search for it every day. Just reach under the seat and you’ll find your shoes straight away!

In addition, all hallway benches have a sponge upholstered in velour. This type of material is extremely friendly to the touch. The wide range of colours available means that you are sure to find an upholstery perfectly suited to the style of your home. For loft interiors we recommend greys and steel blues. Provencal interiors will be beautifully emphasised by upholstered seats in pastel colours. Bottle green and burgundy will go well with classically furnished hallways. The seat will also go well in a dressing room or bedroom.

It makes you want to sit and wait

The upholstered seat with a quilted decorative cushion is perfect not only for private flats, but also for public buildings – not necessarily in the hallway or lobby! It can be a more comfortable alternative to the hard and clattering plastic chairs usually found in waiting rooms of offices or doctor’s surgeries. People in line will be able to rest comfortably on the bench instead of waiting standing.

An elegant seat is also a perfect piece of furniture for elegant cloakrooms, located in theatres, opera houses or museums. Certainly, the presence of a comfortable bench on which to sit or place a handbag will make it easier for guests to put on and take off their coats and jackets.

The wide range of upholstery colours means that our upholstered benches will fit in perfectly with any beauty salon, be it a hairdresser’s or a beautician’s. No matter what colours it has been decorated in, they will certainly blend in beautifully with the designed space. They will provide customers with a comfortable wait for service. Cafés will also love these upholstered seats – they’re easy to move and rearrange, so you can easily rearrange the tables and seats when you need to. They’re easy to move around, so you can easily rearrange tables and seats when you need to. Customers won’t want to get up from the table!

Not just for the hallway!

Comfortable seating fits perfectly in different rooms. In the bedroom, for example, it’ll give you extra space to get ready in the morning. Or place the bench next to the table and you’ve got yourself a comfortable make-up station. If you combine it with a beautifully coloured seat, you can add a touch of elegance to your room!

This type of bench is also perfect as a footstool in the living room. Without a doubt, everyday relaxation will become even more comfortable! What’s more, the extra seat will certainly come in handy when you have more friends visiting. With a practical seat at hand, you won’t have to worry about not having enough space for your guests.

Such a piece of furniture is also perfect for your wardrobe. After all, we often try on clothes and shoes there! Put a comfortable seat in this room so you can sit down comfortably if you need to. What’s more, it will provide you with a place to put things you have tried on or need to put on. The fact that you can choose the colour of the upholstery from 23 different shades means that you’re sure to be able to match it perfectly with the furniture in your room.