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Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

The coronavirus pandemic has changed much in the contemporary world. The fight against the virus concerns every one of us. Its most fundamental aspect is hand disinfection with alcohol-based liquids (with a concentration above 60%). It is widespread and necessary in any public building and could become a contact route with various pathogenic bacteria. Facilities with a high flow of people such as hospitals, clinics, shopping centres, nurseries, or schools are particularly exposed. In all these places, hand sanitizer dispensers are necessary at the entrance to maintain safety and hygiene standards. Frequent washing of hands with biocidal hand disinfectants helps to maintain elementary standards of the sanitary regime. As a result, it has a better chance of preventing illness. It’s a simple hygiene measure that significantly contributes to health protection and limits the spread of microbes.

Automatic hand disinfection

The safest option is automatic dispensers with a sensor. A dedicated sensor scans when you put your hands up. Then it dispenses the right amount of germicidal product. Touchless disinfection stations are available in several models, both free-standing and wall-mounted. Among the wall-mounted models, we recommend a dispenser with a drip tray, which prevents the liquid from dripping onto the floor. There is also a choice of power supply: mains, battery, or – for smaller models – on batteries. You can also choose the method of disinfecting fluid delivery: jet dosing or mist spraying. The touchless application of the virucidal agent onto the skin is a method that significantly reduces the risk of infection. It is worth emphasizing that our automatic dispensers are CE certified, thus meeting the requirements of EU directives. Therefore, you can be sure of the safety of their use.

Touchless dispensers for schools

We recommend the spray dispenser, especially for schools and kindergartens because the anti-bacterial product sprays immediately onto the whole hand. It is the most convenient way of applying virucidal agents. The automatic dispenser for children, which is much more comfortable than the manual model, is specially designed for educational institutions. It has been designed so that even the youngest children can disinfect their hands on their own. It is suitable for children from four to eight years old, so it is the best for kindergartens and primary school classes. What’s more, the automatic model dispenses just the right amount of product to thoroughly clean hands.

Elbow dispensers

We offer disinfectant liquid dispensers which dose sanitizing liquid by pressing on the elbow. Thanks to it, there is no need to use your hands. It is a more hygienic and safer solution. Such disinfection devices are available in two variants: wall-mounted or floor-standing. This choice allows the dispenser to be the best suited to the premises to take care of everyone’s health. It is often impossible to wash hands with warm soapy water immediately upon entering the building. Therefore, placing an easy-to-use, elbow-operated dispenser at the doorway will significantly improve the hygiene standards of the building. Remember that regular hand sanitising with a specific product will help to reduce the risk of contact with pathogenic germs.

Disinfectant liquid stands

The most basic form of this sanitary device available in our offer is a bottle of antimicrobial liquid or gel. It can also be purchased as a stand with a container. This solution will be proper for public spaces, where the flow of people is somewhat smaller, for example, in offices, hotels, or restaurants. Such a stand, marked with a clear sign, clearly signals the necessity to disinfect hands and is a convenient option if we often have to move the disinfection point. Remember that wiping your hands is not enough – a mask is just as important! It is also essential to regularly clean the most frequently touched objects such as doorknobs, telephones, and computer keyboards with an antiseptic.