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Holy Water Dispensers

The coronavirus pandemic caused many people to be afraid of a direct contact with holy water from a traditional aspersorium used by all church followers. It is important for persons coming to celebrate the Eucharist or other services to cleanse themselves of their sins. It makes one think about God’s blessing and mercy that one received during baptism. It also reminds one that by being baptized one can be absolved of sins and enter heaven in God’s love. It is also an expression of Catholic identity proclaimed at the entrance to the church. Touchless holy water dispensers would guarantee health and safety for everyone coming to the church. Automatic aspersorium applies holy water directly on your hands so there is no need to dip your hand in a bowl. Every drop that has not been used returns to a special container so it could be dealt with and disposed of in a safe and efficient way, so that the other people using it would be safe. The parishioners will certainly appreciate such a secure solution ensuring they can continue to cherish a centuries-old tradition.

Automatic aspersorium – salvation from contamination

The symbolic cleansing of a sin before entering a church is a very old custom, originating in the beginnings of Christianity. Holy water stoups were placed in churches vestibules since the 14th century. Catholic Christians dip their fingers in the holy water and make the sign of the cross which is a testimony of their faith and the first contact of parishioners with the sacred zone. It is also a way to communicate and connect with Jesus the Savior.

The holy water dispensers are usually placed in a porch of a church. In smaller sanctuaries you can also find them under the choir loft. They are found in many shapes and forms – sometimes as free standing vessels, other times as semicircular fonts mounted on a wall. Regardless of their form and shape, they play a very prominent role in the church, particularly during services, when parishioners are celebrating the Holy Mass. Making a sign of the cross with holy water is a from of preparation for a prayer as well as a baptism memorial. Nowadays, we find it important to avoid direct contact and automatic contactless holy water fonts that dose holy water on hands individually seem to be an ideal solution.

The cohesive church interior

Our contactless holy water dispensers are designed in such a way that they fit into every architectonic style of any sanctuary, be it a small chapel, a parish church as well as a monumental cathedral or a basilica. We recommend a stone aspersorium for a classic church and one made of stainless steel for modern styled churches. Our vessels for holy water were made using materials of the highest quality and it is certain they will be in constant service for priests and parishioners for many years.

It is also possible to put the founder’s on the dispenser, just like on the stained glass windows. Such an engravement would be a form of commemorating a person that contributed to the development of a sanctuary.

The Polish public television (Telewizja Polska) got interested in one of our touchless dispensers which can be found in the Evangelical Garrison Ghurch, currently Roman Catholic Parish of the Holy Virgin Mary, Queen of Poland and Holy Archangels in Olsztyn. The material can be found here.