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Jewellery Holders

Necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings… Many women have a lot of jewellery! It is worth keeping your collection tidy so that you do not lose or damage anything from your precious collection. In this role, jewellery holders are perfect. They will allow you to control the ornaments while exposing them beautifully. They will please the eye all the time, and not only when you wear them. What’s more, you’ll always have your favourite trinkets to hand. No more frantically searching through boxes and drawers just before the big day!

Additionally, the hanger itself can be an interesting decoration for your room or dressing room. It will surely be an eye-catcher on its own and hung with beautiful jewellery it will become a unique decoration of any room!

Solve the problem!

There are many jewellery organisers. The most traditional type are various-sized boxes, cases, and caskets. However, they only work well for storing rings, brooches, or small earrings. Putting chains or pendants in a box causes them to scratch and tangle with each other. When you try to untangle them, it’s quite easy to break them. In addition, chains that are not kept straight can break at the bends over time. Hanging them on a decorative hanger will solve these problems and protect them from damage. Each necklace will have its own space and be kept properly, eliminating the risk of damage or snatching.

Toppling element

A jewellery hanger is a helpful alternative to popular stands. Attached to the wall, it is stable and secure, and at the same time, does not take up much space on the tabletop. There is not a shadow of a chance of knocking it over – in contrast to a jewellery rack, which unfortunately is easy to knock over. Imagine what a mess that would make! If you have children, keeping jewellery on a jewellery rack may not end well. Placed on a desk or dressing table, it would definitely encourage toddlers to play with trinkets. Hanging it high enough will keep your precious collection out of reach of the youngest members of the family.