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Letter Boxes

Although we send letters less and less frequently, the letterbox is still an essential item. Why? Because we are increasingly choosing to purchase online. If the product we buy is small, it often comes to us in an envelope and lands in a box. Therefore, when looking for a letter boxes, make sure it is roomy, secure, and durable. After all, we open it up to several hundred times a year! However, a well-chosen letterbox does not only have a practical function. It can be a decoration of your home or garden. Therefore, it is worth thinking carefully about the choice of the mailbox because it serves not only as a place for correspondence but also as a business card of the house.

A letter of recommendation

The modern letterbox, made of Corten, is a hit! It combines usefulness and modern design. The material from which it is made is stainless and very resistant to various weather conditions. Therefore, your correspondence will always be protected – even in the case of a real cloudburst! It attaches directly to the ground, making it a solid and durable solution. Besides, you can put your house number on our mailbox. It is a huge convenience for the postman and you. It is a guarantee that your letters will go to the correct address. We offer the option of making your house number from Corten or slightly shiny stainless steel. No matter which material you choose – you can choose a house number from the same alloy! It will make the front of your property look beautiful and harmonious.

List of responsibilities

Remember that letterboxes should be practical and functional to serve their role well. The box should provide appropriate protection for your correspondence both from the weather and from third parties. Structural elements must not have sharp edges, and the mail slot should be wide enough to throw mail 60 millimeters thick through it. The mailbox should be located in direct front of the entrance door or on the fence, and their height should be sufficient to allow free insertion of the letter.