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Letter Racks

Even though it may seem that paper correspondence is becoming less and less common in today’s world, we still receive a lot of different kinds of letters. Official letters, Christmas cards, small items bought online. To organize it, all we need is letter racks. They will create space for your mail, and you will never lose any important letter again! Your letters will stay in plain sight so you will always remember to take care of things on time. Letter racks will bring order and tidiness to your desk – your correspondence will no longer grow in messy piles. If you have been keeping your letters in a drawer, you surely know how easy it is for them to fall into disarray – a letter rack will help you control this chaos. It is a small but very functional item, which will additionally become a decoration of your space!

Letter rack options

We offer two types of organizers: standing and wall-mounted. Therefore, you can choose the model that best meets your expectations! The most popular type of letter rack is the desk rack. You can place it in your office, on a cabinet in your living room, or the kitchen counter – wherever you keep your correspondence. Wherever it is, it will be an elegant accent to your home.
It will find its place not only in your home space but also in your office or study. It is usually at work where we have the most contact with traditional correspondence. The desk stand, placed next to the document holder, will help you organize your workspace. Additionally, it will become a functional decoration of your workspace.

Another type available is the hanging letter rack. This type of wall organizer is great for homes with small children. Hanging at the right height will protect your correspondence from unwanted scratches!

List of possibilities

Although the letter rack is associated mainly with the utility function, do not forget its decorative features! The rack with a decorative inscription is recommended for classic and elegant arrangements in New York or Provencal style. The simplicity of the design will find its place in the loft and industrial interiors. The large wall letter rack will fit perfectly in the modern office. You will definitely find a model for yourself!