Living Room Sideboards

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Living Room Sideboards

When decorating your living room, many people are certainly looking for the perfect compromise. On the one hand, we want to have as little furniture as possible, while on the other, we need as much storage space as possible. A perfect solution are popular chests of drawers, which can accommodate a lot of things. However, when arranging our living room we don’t want it to be boring and common, but we try to give it a more individual, interesting character. The easiest way to introduce a note of elegance and originality is to bet on stylish chests of drawers to the living room. The furniture we offer is absolutely unique, because it is available only on order – you certainly won’t find anything similar in popular furniture shops. Their openwork 3D fronts are an unusual, interesting solution, the effect of which is additionally emphasised by a mirror, which is the background for the pattern. They make the chest of drawers turn from an ordinary piece of furniture into a modern sculpture, being the focal point of the living room.

An exclusive piece of furniture for the living room

Our door chests of drawers are perfect for a variety of architectural styles. They can be painted in a high-gloss or matt finish, so they fit in with any living room. They will perfectly emphasise interiors decorated in a classic or New York style, giving them a slightly luxurious touch. The effect of sophisticated elegance is deepened mainly by elaborate openwork decorations. A white chest of drawers will find its best place in Scandinavian or Provencal style rooms. It will go well with natural wood and light walls, bringing peace and harmony to the living room. If your interior is arranged in a more austere, loft or industrial style, a modern black chest of drawers will fit perfectly. Red bricks will wonderfully highlight a lacquered piece of furniture in this colour.

Dining room chests of drawers

If you have a large living room with a separate dining area, an exclusive chest of drawers will complete the room perfectly. You can keep dishes and tableware in it. It will certainly be an interesting and more contemporary alternative to typical display cabinets with glass fronts. The chest of drawers can also be used as a bar – you will be able to fit not only alcohols, but also glasses and goblets into it.
It is worth noting that storage is not the only practical advantage of our chest of drawers. Mirrors mounted on the doors will optically enlarge and brighten the room. Thanks to the fact that it stands on legs, you can easily vacuum and wash the floor underneath it. Feet are also a great advantage for those who have underfloor heating in their home. They ensure that heat can be dissipated.