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Magazine Racks

Boxes, organisers, binders, baskets – people look for many solutions to bring order into their homes and flats. There are lots of storage products out there, but what about newspapers and magazines? We want to have them close at hand so that we can read what we are interested in at any time, rather than having to hide the magazines in a box or a basket. A simple solution is a standing magazine holder! This modest but stylish item will bring organisation and order to your magazines, which will no longer pile up in the wardrobe or under the bed. A newspaper holder is the ideal way to store your newspapers. It keeps your newspapers neatly organised and sorted into categories so you can easily find the issue you’re looking for. You can reach for the articles you are interested in at any time and they will always be at your fingertips! You can easily find the information you need or the offers and bargains often contained in the press. What’s more, the titles or issues can be highlighted in this way.

In addition, the newspaper rack combines two important features for furnishings: not only is it very practical, it is also an interesting decoration! If you value functional decoration, a convenient newspaper holder is a product created for you. The type of newspaper holder you choose is up to you. You can decide on a simple or richly decorated model. Moreover, you can choose black, white, gold, silver or copper. The colour you choose will accentuate your space beautifully.

Reading in style

A newspaper rack is a fixture that will find its way into any architectural style – just choose the right model and colour! Newspaper holders, made of metal, are available in a variety of designs and styles, so they go well not only with modern arrangements. An openwork newspaper holder with a classic design is a perfect option for traditionally furnished interiors. The modern material combined with the retro design will certainly make your interior unique.

Metal gazetteers also fit into a more modernistic space. Models with a modern form are perfect for loft and industrial interiors. This type of arrangement will be best complemented by a black and simple newspaper holder, in line with the trends prevailing in these styles. Modern rooms with more original and futuristic design will be complemented by a silver model.

The gazetteer decorated with Moroccan arabesques will emphasise the romantic and slightly oriental space. The copper colour accentuates this type of newspaper holder even better! A stand with a funny inscription will surely please a reader with a great sense of humour, who appreciates original decorations. No matter which model you choose from, it will certainly make storing and sorting your favourite titles easier!

Flying reading room

Where you place a magazine is up to you! Thanks to the fact that they are light, free-standing products, you can easily change their location. Do you often read articles in the bedroom, or do you have your own reading corner in the living room? Or does it depend on your current preferences? You can move your magazine to a different place at any time! This way you will always have easy access to your favourite titles, and you can reach for the information you need, contained in interesting articles, at any time. In addition, it’s a good idea to combine a standing newspaper holder with a support, also made of metal, in one room. This is another type of decoration that has many practical advantages! If both pieces of equipment are in the same form (for example hexagon), we will create a coherent and interesting interior arrangement. It is also worth matching their colour.

Certainly, the quality of a product is determined not only by its design, but also by the material of its manufacture. That is why it is worth choosing metal newspaper holders! Why? First of all, it is easier to keep order among newspapers in them in comparison with a soft newspaper basket. Of course, wooden newspaper holders also have this advantage. These are models that go well with classic-style interiors. However, a metal gazetteer is the best choice for modern arrangements! Moreover, this type of newspaper holders is much easier to keep clean due to the material used. Moreover, their colour will not fade with time!

Waiting room for newspapers

A standing newspaper holder is a solution not only for the home. It is ideal for reading rooms and libraries, where readers very often look for the information they need in newspapers. Of course, these places usually have special shelves for newspapers, but it is a good idea to place the newspaper holder near the reading stations so that the magazines do not grow in piles on the desk or countertop. What’s more, with the help of a newspaper holder you can easily sort your magazines into different categories. It is also a good place to keep magazines that you have already read. Unfortunately, readers don’t always remember from which shelf they took a given periodical and they often put the newspapers in the wrong place. If they have a newspaper holder at hand where they can put the newspapers, you can avoid cluttering the shelves!

In addition, many cafés have a newspaper corner for customers. Magazines and periodicals should be placed on a stylish, decorative rack, which will emphasise the unique character of this interior. In this way, customers can easily access articles and other content that interests them. What’s more, well-read customers will certainly spend more time in the premises! You should also pay attention to the material, so that the equipment is easy to clean. In addition, you can choose an interesting colour of the gazetteer, so that it even more closely matches the arrangement of your premises.

Professional press

Catering establishments are not the only space where a newspaper holder will do an excellent job. Very often hairdressing or beauty salons have a number of trade and marketing magazines that are available for customers to find inspiration among the latest trends. It’s a good idea for these magazines to be neatly arranged in a magazine holder rather than lying in disarray on the coffee table. This will undoubtedly encourage many customers to reach for the press more often. What’s more, metal newspaper holders are elegant additions to a variety of design styles. If your living room is decorated in glamour style, the golden colour of the newspaper holder will certainly complement the arrangement perfectly!

Waiting rooms in clinics are also often stocked with various magazines to make the waiting time more pleasant for patients. The situation here is similar: it’s a good idea to keep the newspapers in order so that the space looks elegant and professional. Therefore, choose a suitable rack for storing newspapers. Newspaper holders with a simple form, made of metal, are particularly recommended for this type of space. First of all, it is a material easy to keep clean. Moreover, their universal design will not dominate the professional character of the space.