Metal Bed Frames

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Metal Bed Frames

Looking for a bed for your children’s bedroom? Or maybe you need to furnish a room in a hostel or youth hostel? Then metal bunk beds will be perfect for you! They are practical models which can accommodate both children and adults. Thanks to their dimensions, they provide a comfortable rest while taking up little space and allowing you to use them in a functional way. Storied models are a great way to save space in a room, especially when the room is small or shared by siblings. The simple form makes the piece of furniture fit perfectly into the decor of any room – whether it is a loft style, a classic or a youthful style. The universal design makes them also ideal for public spaces.

Bed frames

Metal bed frames are definitely more practical than wooden ones – wood requires proper care and impregnation, whereas metal is definitely easier in everyday use. Moreover, metal frames are much lighter, which is a great advantage in transport. Another advantage of bunk beds made of metal is the possibility of adjusting their appearance to the decor of the room. You can order the frame in black, white, gold silver or copper. If the bed is to stand in a hostel or hostel, the universal black will be the best choice. Looking for something for the youth room? A distinctive frame colour will perfectly complement the decor of a youth room! All our bunk bed frames are designed to fit 90×200 mattresses, which is a universal size. So it’s easy to match the right mattress to the frame.

Bunk beds for adults and children

Metal bunk beds are synonymous with practicality. They are distinguished by high load capacity, thanks to which even adults can occupy the upper bed. They are distinguished by quick and easy assembly and disassembly, which makes them an excellent choice for occasional use. They can be easily folded and stored in the attic or basement at any time and quickly cleaned up and reassembled when needed. The rails on the upper and lower bed guarantee safety when sleeping. In addition, it is possible to separate one model into two single ones, which is ideal in the event of rearrangement. Expandable bunk beds are ideal for private homes, as well as hostels, hotels and mountain chalets. In case of any changes in the room, the beds can be disassembled into two separate ones, which increases the possibility of their arrangement!