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Modern chandeliers

Some elements of interior design already at first association bring to mind elegance and classics. For sure, these are leather armchairs, oak furniture, and a crystal chandelier. However, not only our needs are changing, but also the current fashions. Nowadays, wanting to illuminate large rooms and give them a bit of exclusivity, we look for solutions that harmonize with the style of our interior. Often its decor deviates from the standards of traditionally understood luxury. Therefore, modern chandeliers are a real feast of shapes and solutions so that each, even the most austere architectural style, will find its ideal. That is why metal chandeliers are becoming increasingly popular. With this noble material, it is possible to make beautiful, unobvious designs. Thanks to it chandeliers, will appeal to even the most demanding people.

In the glow of luxury

A characteristic feature of chandeliers is a large number of light points. For this reason, they are best suited to large, spacious rooms, where the light from many bulbs will beautifully disperse. In a smaller space, they would be a dominant and quite overwhelming element. Therefore, if you are looking for ceiling lighting for a smaller living room, dining room, or bedroom, it is best to opt for pendant lamps with one or two bulbs.

The place for modern chandeliers is, of course, not only living rooms and dining rooms but also vast hallways or lobbies. In a room of this type decorative chandelier will become the focal point catching the eye of all people entering. It is an idea for an original, luxurious decoration of any room. A metal chandelier will also work well in public buildings. Restaurant, hotel, theater, or opera foyer – these are the perfect spaces where the decorative lamp of this type will harmoniously emphasize the modern, unique style of the room.

Classics in a modern edition

The most classic chandelier is associated with crystal or glass. Unfortunately, this type of lamp would certainly introduce dissonance to a modern designed interior. Therefore, the appropriate light should emphasise the architecture of the apartment, beautifully harmonizing with it. Loft or industrial style will perfectly complement the black chandelier with a simple form but with many points of light. A white chandelier with lampshades will fit perfectly into the plain and cosy Scandinavian decor of the apartment.