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Napkin Holders

When we hear the word “table decoration”, certain product groups immediately come to mind. These are usually flasks with flowers, candleholders, elegant table settings or beautiful tablecloths. Certainly not many of us would name napkins as our first association. Quite wrongly! Our napkin holders are not only useful, but also decorative table accessories. You can put one or more decorative napkins in such a holder and create an interesting table decoration. These are products whose interesting form will certainly decorate your tabletop and enrich your table service.

Of course, this small object is also very practical. It will hold a large number of ordinary napkins, bringing neatness, order and tidiness to your table. The napkin holder takes up little space on your table and you can easily pass it to someone else so that no one loses access to the napkins. Another plus: Any size of napkin fits our napkin holders.

We have a large number of designs available. In addition, you can also choose the colour of your napkin holder. So you’re sure to find a model that perfectly matches the decor of your home or flat. Show off your dining room or kitchen at its best!

Always close at hand

A napkin holder is a great addition to your home. It is perfect for the dining room or living room, where it will add elegance to your table. It will come in handy at all festive breakfasts, gala dinners and lavish dinners, when napkins are often in use. If you are hosting a party for friends, they are sure to reach for it often. The napkin dispenser is also indispensable during all holidays, birthdays and name days, when we sit at the table with the family. In such a situation, a large number of napkins is indispensable!

Of course, a practical napkin holder will also be very helpful on a daily basis, and not just for holidays! After all, everyone spills something and in such a situation it is good to have a tissue at hand to wipe the stain immediately. For this purpose, it is always a good idea to have a convenient napkin on the table. This is a group of products that will certainly come in handy in every dining room!

Such a holder is not only useful in the dining room, but also in the kitchen. It is always handy to have a napkin made of fabric, paper or tissue at hand there, too – after all, this is where we often eat our meals. A napkin holder in the shape of cutlery is ideal for the kitchen. A napkin stand is much more aesthetically pleasing and convenient than a roll of kitchen paper towel, which often falls over. Secondly, these are not products that look aesthetically pleasing.

In classically furnished homes, white porcelain is very popular. Certainly, a napkin made of this material fits perfectly into traditional interiors. Unfortunately, such a model will not look good in more contemporary arrangements. According to the latest trends, a metal, modern napkin holder is the perfect choice for loft interiors!

A napkin for everyone

Metal napkins are usually associated with modern interiors. Of course, this is the most correct association. Minimalist models in black colour look exceptionally well in interiors decorated in loft or industrial style. In this type of interior you can also bet on a modern napkin with a hexagonal pattern. The model with decoration in this style will also fit well into Scandinavian style arrangements. It will look particularly good in white in this type of arrangement.

However, modern models do not exhaust our offer of napkins! If your interior is decorated in a classic style, choose a napkin in retro style, for example decorated with openwork. In addition, opting for a simple napkin without decorations is always a safe choice. However, if you like interesting decorations, decide on a model with a botanical form.

It is worth noting that all of our napkins are available in five colours. You can choose black, white, gold, silver or copper. You can choose black, white, gold, silver or copper to match your napkin with your décor. Subdued black is a perfect choice for loft interiors, while silver is perfect for very modern spaces, and gold is an obvious choice for glamorous arrangements. Choose your ideal!

Metal napkins for restaurants

A napkin holder is a practical product not only for every home, but also for catering establishments. Without a doubt, a napkin holder is an essential piece of equipment for every restaurant, café, bar, hotel and catering company. A napkin holder should be on every table in an elegant restaurant, so that guests always have napkins at their fingertips. A decorative, openwork model is best for elegantly furnished restaurants. The practical table decoration will certainly be appreciated by customers!

A very interesting pattern, imitating mountain peaks, will perfectly emphasize the decor of restaurants or hotels in the Podhale style. If you run a bar or pub, place a few napkins for your customers on the counter. Certainly a large number of napkins is essential in such a place! For casual, modern style establishments we recommend metal, geometric napkins.

Moreover, metal napkins have the advantage over ceramic models, that they are practically indestructible. Even if it is knocked off the table, it will not suffer any damage. Products made of metal are resistant to frequent contact with cleaning agents and disinfectants, which, after all, often takes place in public premises.

Cohesive table decoration

The napkin holder is undoubtedly an interesting element of interior design. It’s important that it not only matches the design of your dining room or kitchen, but also the tableware you have. If your favourite porcelain is decorated with a golden ornament, choose a napkin in this colour! Is your crockery classic white? Choose a model in the same colour or, on the contrary, opt for contrasting black. You can also choose a napkin holder in the same colour as your silver cutlery.

Wondering how to create a harmonious decoration for your kitchen or dining room table? Combine the napkin holder with a decorative metal candle holder in the same colour! This way, the table will not be a collection of separate products, but a coherent set and a unified composition. You will certainly manage to find a perfect napkin holder, which will blend in with the arrangement of your home.

The napkins in our offer, made of metal, are available in five colours. The available shades are black, white, gold, silver and copper. In addition, you can choose from many beautiful designs in different styles. Each of them is sure to hold a large number of napkins. So you will no doubt find the perfect model among our napkin holders!