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Outdoor Furniture

Resting outdoors is certainly one of the most pleasant forms of spending free time. In order to fully enjoy it we need garden furniture. They give us an opportunity to comfortably stretch out on a sofa or spread out with a book on an armchair in the warm spring sunshine. To ensure comfortable relaxation outdoors, it is worth betting on solid furniture with a mattress to enjoy being in the garden or on the terrace.

Comfort first and foremost

Uncomfortable furniture can certainly spoil your enjoyment of relaxing in the garden. Models made from plastic or wood are of course popular, but comfort is not their strong point. Hard and stiff, they become uncomfortable to sit on after a short time. This is why upholstered models are the most comfortable option. They provide us with comfort and allow us to pleasantly sink into the mattress for long hours. At the same time they look more elegant and exclusive. It is also a practical option – in case of rain or bad weather, simply hide the mattresses themselves, leaving the metal frame outside.

Sometimes sun, sometimes rain

We buy garden furniture with the thought that it will serve us for many seasons. Therefore, it is worth betting on products made of metal. It is a material resistant to weather conditions and waterproof. It will not fade or turn pale from the sun like cheap furniture made of plastic. They are also definitely more stable than those made of plastic – we don’t have to hide them in a hurry in case of stronger winds. Metal furniture does not require any special treatment, unlike wooden furniture, which needs impregnation every season. They can better withstand rainy and stormy summers. If you don’t have a suitable place, a metal frame can easily overwinter on your patio. Simply hide the mattresses away.

Seating set

Our garden furniture is a beautiful complete set. Sofa, armchair and table complement each other to create a cohesive industrial style. They will look best on a loft-style terrace or balcony. They will go beautifully with wood and red bricks. The grey of their upholstery will wonderfully emphasise the green of the plants. It will not dominate them, but only create a beautiful background for their natural colours. The furniture will also perfectly complement the metal balustrade of the balcony or the steel screen on the terrace. This will create a closed, harmonious space that will encourage you to spend time there.