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Pendant Lights

Good room lighting is essential, both for working or studying and for relaxing. To provide it in our home space, we need different kinds of lighting points. Wall lamps, chandeliers, desk lamps, bedside lamps… There are many types of lighting, but the most popular are still the classic hanging lamps – mainly because of their versatility and usefulness. We place them in the living room, kitchen, hallway or bedroom. They find their place in every room, as they come in a variety of forms and models: from the simplest shapes to elaborate works of art. The choice is huge, but one thing’s for sure – you’ll find your perfect match among our pendant lamps!

A great idea

A pendant lamp with an interesting form can be the most important decorative element in a room. On the one hand, it won’t dominate your space like a large chandelier, but on the other hand, thanks to its interesting design, it will catch everyone’s eye like an abstract sculpture. Of course, let’s not forget about the most useful function of this object! A long, rectangular lamp will look great over a kitchen island and create a suitable environment for work. Above the dining table you can hang a modern model with three bulbs. Thanks to this you will emphasise and distinguish the table against the background of the whole room. The loft lamp, on the other hand, will perfectly complement the arrangement of the room in a modern, industrial atmosphere.

Appetite grows with lighting

Home is not the only place where pendant lamps are perfect. They are a great solution for restaurants! Hanging directly above the table, they create a closed, exclusive space due to the contrast between the lit and the shaded area. Models with a built-in lampshade work best in this role. This will make customers feel special and unusual. This type of lighting will also beautifully highlight the dishes on the table. Everyone will certainly work up an appetite!
Of course, this is an idea that should be implemented not only in large restaurants, but also in small cafes and tea rooms. By separating individual tables with ceiling lighting, you can create a warm, cosy space that customers will be sorry to leave!