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Protective Equipment

Nowadays, ensuring an adequate level of safety and hygiene is a priority issue. To ensure the highest standards, protective equipment of various types is necessary. We need them not only at work but also in everyday life. We should pay attention to maintaining the principles and standards of health protection not only for our own sake but also for the sake of our loved ones and all the people with whom we come into contact. Limiting the exits from home, frequent use of antibacterial products, and covering the mouth and nose are the fundamental forms of fighting against the virus. Distance, disinfection, mask – these simple slogans are worth following!

First of all – disinfection

The most basic form of hygiene is frequent hand disinfection that is essential and required in stores, pharmacies, schools, libraries, offices, and all public institutions. We should wash our hands with antiviral liquid or gel as often as possible, and it is the responsibility of the employer, office, or institution to provide access to disinfection. The simplest form of fulfilling this obligation is to put a dispenser bottle with an antibacterial product. Making it properly visible is worth placing it on a dedicated rack for a disinfectant liquid. Elbow dispensers are a slightly safer option because they do not require the use of hands. We offer wall-mounted and free-standing models. However, touchless disinfectant dispensers are the best solution! A purposeful sensor reacts to movement, so the dispensing of gel or liquid to the hands runs automatically and without contact.

For exposed areas, we recommend a particular disinfection gate. Special nozzles create a virucidal curtain, which, however, does not wet the persons passing by.

The second, the protective mask

Health protection is also based on covering the nose and mouth. In this way, we protect especially those who have direct contact with us. In this role, face-shields perform excellently. Such protective equipment with a screen made of polycarbonate ensures comfort and convenience, even during prolonged use. They do not obstruct breathing, and an appropriate distance from the face allows for work in goggles that do not fog up as much as when wearing a cotton mask. The visors are reusable, and the material enables frequent disinfection with ethanol-based products. Thanks to it, we can feel safe in the workplace, schools, various institutions, and public spaces.