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School Tables

The furnishing of educational establishments is an extremely important issue. After all, children spend many hours a day there, learning and playing. Unfortunately, they spend most of the school hours sitting down. Therefore, it is important to provide them with comfortable school benches, adapted to their height and needs. Although a bench is a simple and basic piece of classroom equipment, you should think carefully about its purchase. The school bench should be sturdy and durable so that it will last for many years. It cannot be unstable or wobbly, as this will not provide adequate comfort for students. This seemingly ordinary piece of equipment is of great importance in the education of our children.

At the school desk

The basic model we have in our offer is a single-seater table. It is perfect for libraries and reading rooms, where students need individual space to work. Single models are also useful when writing exams and final exams. They are a very comfortable solution, as they provide students with more space than desks with two seats. They are also the safest solution, as they allow you to keep the right one during class. At the same time, you can easily combine them into multiple tables, for example when working in a group. We recommend this type of school tables especially for higher classes, as well as for high schools and technical schools. Students at this stage of their education write many tests or trial exams. Therefore, the possibility of extending the desks will certainly facilitate the organisation of various types of tests.
We also sell double desks. Children sitting in pairs can easily establish contacts and learn to work in a group. They are particularly suitable for primary school classes, where children do not yet need a large work area.

Learning aids

When buying equipment for classrooms, remember that certain standards regulate the height of the tabletop in relation to the height of the child. School furniture is marked with numbers from 1 to 7. This allows you not only to choose the right chair for the bench, but also to seat pupils correctly. This ensures the comfort of their work, which would be impaired by sitting at a table that is too low or too high. Maintaining the correct posture while working at school is extremely important for children’s health. If a child sits at a poorly adjusted desk for several hours a day, it will damage his or her spine. At the same time, their concentration will be impaired, making it impossible to work effectively. For this reason, each classroom should have tables of different heights so that all pupils, tall and short, sit at a desk suited to their posture. This will certainly help to achieve better results in school.