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We usually consider ceiling or pendant lamps as the basic lighting of the home. However, we know that a single point of light is often not enough. We do not want decorative elements on the walls to be lost in the shade. Spotlights and spots are the solution to this problem. They make it possible to beautifully illuminate a selected point in a room. They also provide a number of design possibilities. Their light reflects off the walls, so they give a precise, but gentle and not too harsh effect. A professional solution for every home!

Everything bright

Spotlights are the best idea if you want to highlight and isolate a certain point in your home. You can use them to highlight a figure, a sculpture or even a bookshelf. If you have a beautiful antique or modernist piece of furniture in your home, you can easily separate it from your home space with a spotlight. It’s perfect for the living room, where paintings hang on the walls. Not only will the works of art gain a beautiful light frame, but you will also get a professional and elegant effect. Spotlights will also work well in the corridor, where we often hang photos. If you travel a lot and your walls are decorated with photos from your trips, highlighting them with spots will give a real gallery effect!

A lamp in the form of a spotlight will also work well in the bathroom. After all, we do a lot of precision work there – shaving, colouring our hair or putting on make-up. Movable spotlights are particularly suitable in the bathroom. In this room it is very practical to be able to change the direction of the light beam, as all of these activities require lighting at different angles.

Aim at…

Movable spotlights are a very practical solution. With the ability to freely direct the light beam, you can illuminate exactly the point in the room you need at any given moment. They’re perfect for a home wardrobe – their light reaches deep into your wardrobes and shelves. In addition, you’ll be able to see yourself clearly and precisely in the mirror. Movable spots are also useful in the kitchen, where you can illuminate a chosen worktop. All you have to do is adjust the spotlight accordingly, so one spot of light can replace a number of fixed lamps.

Does your child have a flair for theatre or acting? Hang a black spotlight in their room to make them feel like a professional!