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Cafe chairs

As recent years have shown us, being able to spend time in a pub with a coffee, drink or lunch is a real pleasure that we long for. That’s why more and more pubs are opening their own gardens to host customers outside as well. To make them functional, all you really need are a few tables and café chairs. Comfortable seating will encourage guests to stay as long as possible, enjoying delicious dishes or drinks.
When choosing chairs, you can opt for a model with or without a backrest. Of course, those with a backrest are more comfortable in the long run, but stools have their undoubted advantages. First of all, they take up much less space – you can easily hide them under the table top. This is a great solution for tiny gardens and places where customers do not spend a lot of time, such as ice cream parlours, for example. What’s more, we designed the chairs with backrests to be stackable. This way they don’t take up much space during storage.

Metal chairs for the garden

As important as the ergonomics of the design is the solidity of the material from which the chair is made. First of all, you should choose a piece of furniture suitable for commercial use, which is followed by intensive use. It must be resistant to numerous knocks, frequent shifting and bear weight. Moreover, the material should be resistant to weather conditions, such as rainfall and sunlight, so that the furniture does not lose its original colour after the first season. It is also worth paying attention to whether the chair can be renovated after a few years of intensive use or whether it should just be thrown away. Metal chairs undoubtedly have all these features. They are practically unbreakable, do not fade or lose their colour in the sun and, if properly protected, will not rust in the rain. You can easily subject them to very little maintenance. What’s more, they’re also easy to refresh – simply paint them when necessary to keep them looking like new!

Garden design

When choosing metal garden chairs you can choose from a variety of colours: black, white, gold, silver or copper. Polished stainless steel models are also available. An interesting design idea is to combine the chairs with a café table, made of the same material but in a different colour. What’s more, you can match any cushion to a simple garden chair model, creating monochromatic or multi-coloured arrangements. A removable seat is a much better idea than buying an upholstered piece of furniture, as you can easily clean it by throwing the cover in the washing machine.
It is also important that the beer or restaurant garden remains consistent with the interior of the premises as well. After all, it is its business card, so it is worth presenting its character outside as well. That’s why you can choose the right bar chairs to maintain a unified and harmonious design of the entire gastronomic facility.

A bit of privacy

To ensure a comfortable environment for your customers, it is a good idea to separate the tables from each other so that the bar chairs do not stand next to each other. This will make your guests feel more at ease and allow them to spend more time eating, drinking and chatting in the garden. Live plants in pots work well in this role. What’s more, if you plant a climbing plant in a pot that grows on a special support, it creates a beautiful green wall. Not only will it separate the tables from each other, but it will also create a wonderful natural garden decoration. What’s more, a climbing plant will also provide a bit of shade on hot summer days. If you want to create a more intimate atmosphere, you can separate the chairs with a decorative, openwork garden screen made of metal. This is a perfect solution especially for modern style gardens and romantic restaurants, often visited by couples. This screen will provide not only shade but also protection from the wind.