Stackable Tables

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Stackable Tables

The equipment of a catering facility consists of many elements necessary for both employees and customers. Undoubtedly, among them, the leading are stackable tables, internal and external. Those located in the garden, whether cafe or restaurant, should meet high requirements to provide better service for guests and make the staff work easier. Firstly, tables for a beer garden should be made of material adapted to frequent washing and disinfection. In this role, the steel will work out well. Besides that, garden furniture made of metal is resistant to moisture, sunlight, shocks, and impacts. Thanks to this you can be sure that they will serve you for many seasons. When choosing outdoor tables, you should also be guided by the ergonomics of the design. After all, at night, during closing and the winter season, you will have to store them somewhere! That’s why it’s best to bet on stackable models or those that can be stacked. That way, they don’t take up much space, quietly waiting in the backroom for spring.

Through the heart to the stomach

Of course, the material of construction and the strength of the table are crucial. However, the design of the furniture itself is just as important! First and foremost, the presence of a garden often prevails in favour of a particular establishment, acting as a magnet for customers. After all, most people like to enjoy the beautiful weather and not spend time in the building if there is an opportunity to dine outside. What’s more, spending a good time in a pub, we want not only to enjoy our palate, but also the eye. Therefore, it is worth betting on original furniture to distinguish your garden from other catering establishments. Unique furniture will facilitate this task. However, it is better not to choose heavy models with unusual shapes. It often counts not only appearance but also functionality. Much better to bet on simple furniture, but in unique colours. For example, for a black table, you can add copper chairs – or vice versa. A distinctive colour accent will definitely catch the eye of passers-by, and the ergonomic design will ensure comfort while eating meals.

A table not only for two

We offer tables with square, rectangular, or round tops. Individually they are suitable for up to four people. However, you can successfully put them together to create a multi-person table. This solution helps to create a place not only for couples but also for whole families or friends who can relax together. That’s why our outdoor furniture is perfect for small cafes and ice cream parlours as well as big bars and restaurants. What’s more, you can easily match it with matching chairs to create an elegant furniture set. Of course, you do not have to bet on uniformity and take each piece in a different style, creating an exclusive and eclectic garden decor.

Metal furniture will fit perfectly into dining establishments in modern, industrial, or loft style. It will allow you to maintain the style of the interior also in the outdoor garden.