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Planning the lighting in the bedroom is an extremely important matter. On the one hand it has to be functional and practical, on the other hand we want it to be beautiful and atmospheric. Therefore, which bedside lamps you choose for your bedroom is an extremely important issue. Although they act as additional light, they often play the leading role in interior design!

For this reason, it is worth thinking carefully about the design of the lamp. After all, it is not only a source of light, but also plays a decorative role. You can opt for a minimalist, loft-style model or a designer lamp with a glass shade. It’s important that the design fits in with the room and matches the other lamps in your bedroom.

Bedroom lamps

A comfortable lamp that sits next to your bed is a must for a comfortable bedroom. By placing the lamp on a cabinet or bedside table, you’ll always have the switch close at hand. So when you get up at night or early in the morning, it’s easy to turn the light on. Lights are also useful in the evenings: their warm, soft light is better for winding down after a long day than strong overhead lighting. That’s why lamps with a lampshade or lamp shade are perfect for bedrooms, as they give off a soft, diffused light that doesn’t dazzle. What’s more, they are the perfect bedroom lamps as they provide a beautiful lighting accent.

Moreover, a comfortable night light is an essential accessory for people who love to read in bed. A model with a directional light will work best as a reading lamp. Such a lamp will give you good light for the book, newspaper or reader you are reading.

A restful night’s sleep for your child

Children’s bedroom lighting is also very important. For the youngest children, parents often get up during the night, while teenagers often wish not to turn off the light for the night. Therefore, when choosing a lamp for a child, it is worth choosing such a model which can stay on all night, but in a gentle way so as not to disturb the toddler’s sleep. Bedside lamps with a lampshade work best in this role. The linen material will gently diffuse the light, without directing it to a single point. Thanks to this, the lighting in the room will be gentle, which will not disturb your child’s sleep.

Desk and table lamps

Nowadays we work from home more and more often. This requires us to prepare our working space in a way that is comfortable and functional. This is where desk and table lamps come in handy, as they help to illuminate our work area. Thanks to this our eyes will not get tired while working in front of a screen or while reading or writing. In addition, we will ensure not only a better well-being, but also improve our work efficiency.

A desk lamp is also an essential piece of equipment for every pupil and student. Adequate lighting supports effective learning, as it prevents the eyes from getting tired too quickly. We need it not only when reading or doing homework, but also when working on the computer – a task to which children devote a lot of time from the earliest grades. With the right lighting at the computer workstation, the eyes are not as exposed to the spot light of the screen, which diffuses and softens in the glow of a desk lamp.

A bright choice

All our bedside and table lamps are manufactured in Poland from high quality materials: lacquered steel, glass, wood and plastic. You’ll find lighting products that form entire families with a consistent look. This allows you to furnish a room with ceiling, standing or wall lamps in a uniform and harmonious style.