Toilet Roll Holders

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Toilet Roll Holders

When decorating our dream bathroom, many of us shudder at the thought of drilling into new bathroom tiles. We look for different ways to avoid this necessity. Here, toilet roll holders can help. Placed on the floor, they will be a functional object that does not interfere with the fabric of the sanitation room. Not only will they be a practical piece of equipment, but they will also protect your tiles from holes.

In some cases, the position of the toilet makes it impossible to hang the paper holder on the sidewall. To make sure it’s always close at hand, it’s worth choosing a holder! A model with an additional paper holder is also ideal for restaurants and hotels. Sanitation facilities with a high flow of people tend to use a lot of paper, so it is essential to provide enough toilet paper for customers. Such a holder can be used in toilets for the disabled too. When you place it right next to the toilet bowl, there is no need to bend over to get the paper. It will definitely be significant facilitation in bathroom use.

Minimalism in the bathroom

A stable paper roll holder is a functional toilet accessory that significantly increases the comfort of use and is an interesting decorative element. It will fit perfectly between the shower and the toilet. Besides, the black toilet paper holder will perfectly fit into interiors decorated in a minimalist, economical style. It will emphasize the raw, loft, or industrial character of the bathroom. It will also be perfect in modern, monochromatic arrangements. The free-standing holder will also be suitable for classically decorated rooms, where the most popular colours of beige and brown dominate. The white holder will perfectly fit into a Scandinavian-bathroom style that is composed of light colours and wood. It will also complete the decor of a bathroom arranged in a delicate Provencal style. The white will also emphasize the elegance of the toilet decorated in a luxurious Parisian way.

Opt for a set

Our paper trays can go great with other bathroom accessories that have a similar aesthetic. And if you have a big bathroom, you might like to go with a towel holder. You can choose products in one colour, especially if your interior is minimalistic or classic. If you decorate your bathroom in boho or eclectic style, it is worth combining different colours. It will give an interesting and original final effect! However, remember not to place the stand too close to the bathtub because you risk accidentally splashing the paper.

If your bathroom is small, it is best to choose a ceiling hanger and place the paper holder underneath it. This way, you can use the limited space wisely. You can also choose one of our modern bathroom shelves. Hanging over the sink will certainly help you keep track of all the necessary items such as soap, toothpaste, or a toothbrush.