Urban Planters

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Urban Planters

The development of urban greenery is not an easy matter, especially if the number of parks and squares is small. In order to introduce more vegetation into a concreted space, urban pots are very useful. Placed along streets and promenades, they beautify cities and housing estates and bring residents closer to nature. They also make it possible to create a pocket park in paved or closely built-up areas, such as squares and markets.
Flower pots are also an important element of small park architecture. They can be placed along alleys to separate them from the space and reduce the possibility of the lawn being trampled. Park pots are also indispensable when planting fragile plants. If they are in a cover, the risk of them being broken, run over by a bicycle or dug up by a dog is greatly reduced.

Modern street planters

Putting up urban pots brings with it many practical advantages. Placed along the pavement, they deter drivers from parking in unauthorised places. They can also be placed at the entrance to a pedestrian area, to prevent cars from entering the area. Our pots are easy to move, so that if necessary, the entrance can be made available to emergency vehicles.
The material itself also has many practical features. It is even recommended to expose it to various weather conditions. This gives the steel a rusty coating of chromium, copper, silicon and phosphorus, which protects it from the effects of corrosion. Corten steel is a year-round alloy, so there is no need to hide the pots for the winter.

Don’t overdo it!

Corten steel pots are a great solution not only for urban spaces. They are also perfect for café or restaurant gardens. They will allow not only to separate the space from the urban space, but also will become an original decoration. The beautiful, red-brown colour of the pots will make your customers’ stay more pleasant, and also attract the eyes of strollers. They will certainly want to stop by your establishment!
Of course, this is also a very convenient idea. Whether you are eliminating your garden for the winter or heating it to serve its purpose all year round, modern corten pots can cope with any conditions! The problem also arises if you plant perennial plants in pots that cannot be exposed to the weather. Corten potting covers solve this problem – they’ll last all season outdoors without a problem, and you won’t have to bother repotting your plants.