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Wall Lights

When decorating your home or flat one of the key issues is the choice of location of light points. It is an issue that requires thorough consideration, especially if we decide on pendant lamps or wall lamps. This type of lighting requires careful planning of the electrical installation, but it is a very elegant solution, as the wires remain invisible. Therefore, with a premeditated design, we are able to obtain excellent results. Wall lamps, hanging on the walls, can perfectly match the ceiling lighting, creating a harmonious and beautiful interior arrangement. Of course, they can also play the first fiddle on their own, especially when you want to achieve a warm twilight effect.

Light (not only) in the tunnel

Wall lamps are the best solution for long rooms. They work well in corridors and long hallways. Hung at equal distances they provide clear, but not too harsh light. They also fit perfectly on stairs and mezzanines. These places in the house particularly deserve a decent stream of light, which we are often unable to provide with ceiling lights. Wall lamps, hung on the wall directly next to the stairs, provide good, uniform lighting – and thus also safety. It’s also a good idea to hang such lamps on both sides of the bathroom mirror. This way you get even lighting, which is very convenient when shaving or doing make-up.

Wall lamps mounted on walls will also complement the lighting of large rooms such as living or dining rooms. If the space is large, pendant lamps are not enough to illuminate it evenly. Wall lamps are therefore indispensable to ensure that the room doesn’t get a gloomy twilight beyond the circle of light cast by the pendant lamp.

Controlled twilight

It often happens, however, that we want to create a twilight effect on purpose. Wall lamps are perfect for this purpose. If you only light them in the living room, you can create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic candlelit dinner. In the corridor, just light half of the wall lamps for soft lighting. This is a good solution for people who get up at night or early in the morning. They won’t wake up the rest of the household with bright light from the corridor, and at the same time they won’t have to move around in the dark. The perfect place for these lamps is also behind the headrest of the bed – wall sconces for the bedroom are a great idea! This will create a great space for evening reading or watching a movie.