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Wall Trellises

Growing plants at home is becoming increasingly popular and many people want to create the effect of an urban jungle in their flat. However, some varieties require a specially prepared position – an ordinary pot is not enough for them! Climbing species require special frames for proper development. Thanks to them you will not only provide plants with optimal conditions for growth, but you will also get a great decoration of the interior. This way the natural beauty of the plants will be perfectly displayed. This solution is also very practical. It makes plant care and watering much easier. You can easily control their growth by cutting the shoots to the right height.
Wall-mounted climber supports provide a solid base to hold even large plants.
What’s more, we’ve designed some of our trellises in a modular way. This means that you can freely combine them and modify them as needed to create irregular, abstract shapes. In this way, as your plant grows, the support under it will also grow!

Climbing wall

If you don’t want to opt for a wall support, you can choose a pot support. Simply hammer it into the ground to give ornamental climbers space to grow properly. This way, even limp and delicate species can develop healthily and properly by climbing up the decorative ladder. What’s more, overgrown plants won’t break under their own weight. If you’re growing balcony plants, you can place climbing varieties on trellises in pots that stand against side walls. This will create a green barrier, separating your balcony from the neighbouring ones. This will not only cover your space, but also give you an unusual arrangement with green, decorative dividing walls.
When choosing a base for plants to be driven directly into the ground, it’s worth paying attention to the material used. In terms of practicality, metal supports are the clear winner. It’s a moisture-resistant material, and powder-coating ensures that the steel won’t corrode. Your plants will be able to climb on them without any restrictions!

Supports for garden plants

Trellises for garden plants should meet slightly different requirements than indoor models. First of all, they need to be highly resistant to weather conditions. They work well in a large garden as well as a small plot. With them you can separate parts of the garden, e.g. for children, without losing visibility. You can also use low bases to mark out a corner of the garden for growing vegetables. If you use too high partitions for this purpose, the plants may not get enough sunlight. Small supports will give you the space you need without obstructing the plants growing in your beds.
Our supports are also great as an interesting way to separate your patio from your garden. This way you can maintain the integrity of the vegetation without being separated from it by a rigid fence. Climbing trellises, set with fascines or ivy, will beautifully connect the terrace space to the green lawn or flower beds.

If you are looking for a high partition that not only shields but also decorates a selected part of your plot, check out our garden screens!