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3D wall panels

Contemporary interior design offers us a lot – we are able to fulfil practically any of our decorating dreams, as there are many solutions and materials available. Often many people dream that the walls in their house or flat have an original and modern look. How to achieve such an effect? It is easy – you should bet on high quality decorative 3D wall panels! Products available in our shop are distinguished by a unique appearance. They will surely satisfy even the most picky lovers of modern design.

Decorative panels are a perfect solution in contemporary interior design and create unique wall arrangements. They are fashionable and aesthetically pleasing, as they allow walls to be finished without any visible joints or grout. Moreover, three-dimensional panels are available in a variety of designs, so you are sure to find the perfect model for your home or flat, as well as your office or business premises. It’s a great idea to bring a unique design to your interior!

The advantage of MDF panels, which are manufactured in 3D technology, is also high functionality. They have much better properties than popular foamed polystyrene or gypsum panels. They are durable, lightweight, easy to clean and simple to finish. Moreover, they are easy to install on the wall. In addition, 3D panels are distinguished by good thermal and acoustic insulation and the highest quality and precision. MDF board, from which the panels are made, is an easy material to process, and thanks to deep milling of the panels, they have expressive, highly visible decorations.

What is important, we deliver our panels in a raw form, ready to be finished. You will receive the panels primed and sanded smooth. This means that you can paint them any colour you like. This gives you almost unlimited possibilities! Finished in 3D technology, you can freely adjust the wall panels to your needs and preferences, so that they fit best into your arrangements. You can paint all 3D panels in one colour or decide to have several elements in a different shade. This solution is a very simple way to achieve a very spectacular effect!

Design on a roll

Decorative panels for walls are a real hit of modern decorating. They are a more contemporary and much more interesting version of panelling, which – once very fashionable – has not aged well. 3D panels, made of MDF, can be worked into any shape due to the properties of the material. This is why a wide variety of original designs are available in our shop. You will easily find a 3D panel that will perfectly complement the arrangement of the selected room.

Among all possible forms, the most popular motifs are various types of waves, available in many versions. This type of decorative wall panels will find a perfect match in various rooms and will fit into most interiors. First of all, a delicate, wavy wall panel will look beautiful in the bedroom, where it will be ideally placed behind the headrest of the bed. If it’s placed all over the wall, it will give the room a whole new style. But more decorative patterns work just as well in the bedroom. Or go for a pop of colour! A yellow panel will certainly give your interior an energy boost, which will stimulate you from the very beginning.

3D wall panels are also a great way to cover the wall surface in your living room or dining room. The choice of given panels will certainly be dictated by the style of the room being decorated. Panels with a regular pattern or with a finish imitating natural wood work well in more classic arrangements. On the other hand, an original, asymmetrical pattern suits modern rooms. What’s more, you can choose a panel in both subdued colours or, on the contrary, in a non-uniform shade!

However, there are definitely more possibilities, and decorative panels can be used in any of your rooms! Their place is also in the hall, where it is worth betting on colour. One of the walls, covered with a three-dimensional panel of intense colour will add colour to the whole room. This is a particularly good solution for small rooms, where there is no room for additional elements and decorations. Decorative 3D panel by itself will be an interesting element of the arrangement, while saving space!

Add character!

Of course, laying decorative 3D wall panels is not only ideal for private interiors. Wondering how you can make your catering establishment stand out from others? Opt for unique 3D wall panels! It is certainly not a very common type of surface finish. Thanks to this your interior will gain an original and modern character, as well as stand out from the competition. After all, décor is one of the extremely important criteria when choosing an establishment!

If you run a trendy restaurant or a cocktail bar, bet on modern, grey panels, which look a bit like concrete. What’s more, you can put panels not only on the walls, but also on the bar counter. A warm copper-coloured decorative panel is perfect for a cosy place, and a delicate botanical pattern in a soft pastel shade is perfect for a café or patisserie.

Do you run an elegant beauty salon, a chic hotel or a SPA resort? Then decorative 3D panels are the perfect products for you too! Golden colour will perfectly emphasize glamour style arrangements. It will look great at the reception, impressing customers and guests with the unique interior design from the very beginning. Of course, you can also decide to panel your hotel rooms. This will certainly add a unique note to the whole arrangement, which will be characteristic for a given facility.

Undoubtedly, decorative 3D wall panels will also find their place in business interiors. The model in a subdued, steel colour will perfectly emphasise a modern office or a conference room. In official interiors you can equally well use a white decorative 3D panel, decorated with a minimalist pattern.

A no-nonsense panel

For many people it is important that their interior is not only beautiful, but also unique and exceptional. This possibility is given by 3D wall panels available in our shop, made of MDF. They will certainly help you to make any room a designer space! What is important, all our 3D wall panels are individual and unique – you won’t find anything similar in the offer of DIY stores! For this reason, our wall panels are an interesting alternative to the 3D panels and coffers that are available in large chains. In addition, our products are easy to install.

Exposed bricks or brick-like cladding are also very common. Unfortunately, these are extremely popular nowadays and this type of arrangement can be found in hundreds of houses and flats. If you are looking for an original alternative to this type of interior finish, you’d better bet on 3D panels! With their help your wall will gain a unique style, becoming the main decoration of the space. It is a perfect choice if you want to have different walls in your home!

If you decide on this type of wall panels, it is worth highlighting them with properly selected lighting. For this purpose you can use spotlights or spots, which will beautifully emphasize and highlight the deep frets of the decorative panel. Such lighting will perfectly match any panel, additionally creating a network of patterns of light and shadow on its surface. Give your panel a whole new face and enjoy a unique arrangement for a long time!