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Metal Wall Art

Mirrors, paintings, bookshelves, decorative clocks…There are many ways to diversify our bare walls and break up their uniform colour. Plain paint is not enough to satisfy our need for expression and personalisation of our private space. Nowadays, metal wall art plays this role more and more often. That is a fashionable and modern solution for everyone. Not only do they allow us to make our area more original, but also more practical. They are much easier to clean than mirrors, don’t collect dust like shelves, and are more durable than paintings. In addition, it is often the case that the wall finish is not perfectly smooth. To distract from any irregularities and imperfections of the walls, you can opt for eye-catching metal decorations. If you decide on them, you can feel like a professional interior decorator!

Decorations for every room

Wall decorations will find their place in every room of your home because they are a perfect addition to every room. They suit bedrooms, as well as the living room, kitchen, and even the bathroom! The wolf figure will perfectly match the bedroom of an energetic teenager. It will look great against the background of red brick or brick cladding resembling this material. The metal heart will add charm to the interior decorated by a dreamy girl. A wall map of the world will look beautiful in the living room. You can choose a plain one or one decorated with an elaborate ornament – each of them looks great! This decor will go well with a concrete wall or wallpaper that looks like a whitewashed wall. Golden sun, hung in the hallway, will add a bit of oriental character to your flat from the threshold. An abstract pattern hung on a wall covered with decorative plaster will perfectly emphasise a modern industrial-type interior design. One thing is for sure – no matter in which room the metal ornament will hang, it will be an eye-catcher!

Design on the wall

Metal wall decorations are becoming more and more popular, mainly due to their unique form and variety of design possibilities. The most popular hit is geometric forms inspired by animal silhouettes. They are a real hit in interior design, especially those decorated in Scandinavian or loft style. An unusual model, combining original design with a practical function, is the wall decoration for climbing plants. Not only will it decorate your flat with its original form, but it will also harmonise beautifully with the greenery. You can be sure that the product of your choice will be made with the best attention to detail.
Would you like to make your interior walls even more special? Then 3D wall panels are the answer to your needs!

The gift just as pretty as a picture

The large variety of available models means that everyone will find a product that suits their interests and needs. Many designs are available in several sizes, so you can best match the desired motif to your interior and create your dream wall arrangement. Each decoration is available in one of five colours: black, white, gold, silver, or copper. And there’s no problem at all installing them with wall plugs – you’ll do just fine!
The large selection also makes our home decor ideal as a gift. It’s easy to find a model that suits your taste. Whether it’s a gift for a new home, Christmas, or a birthday, you’ll find something to match you.