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Outdoor Planters

When designing a garden, our aim is to create a space for relaxation and entertainment. While some opt for lounging in a hammock, others enjoy a game of ball or indulge in gardening activities. But remember, our green haven doesn’t just serve us humans. Its primary purpose is for the plants! Outdoor planters protect and showcase our most delicate ornamental plants. Once planted in these containers, there’s no risk of them being dug up by a dog or trampled by playful kids. They also won’t be run over by a car or bicycle. Moreover, potted plants are easier to fertilize and ensure they get the right amount of water. This way, you provide the perfect environment for your plants, offering a soothing sight for eyes weary from screen-time, and a calming green effect on the mind.

In a Sea of Choices

The hunt for modern garden planters reveals myriad options. Crafted from wood, stone, plastics, metal… choosing can be overwhelming! We recommend models of high-quality Corten steel. This is the best material for year-round outdoor display – no need to store them during winter! It doesn’t require maintenance as it’s adapted to withstand the elements. This gives Corten steel an edge over wood, which needs treatment. Metal is also the most durable material, resistant to tipping or dropping. It won’t shatter, crack, or crumble like concrete planters. What distinguishes Corten steel is its beautiful, rusty-brown hue. This color evolves and deepens as Corten “reacts” to sun and rain. It won’t fade or turn pallid like plastic. All these factors make a Corten planter a superb long-term investment, beautifying your garden for many seasons.

Garden of Abundance

The models we offer come in various shapes and sizes, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Typically, larger planters are chosen as they blend seamlessly into open spaces. However, when it comes to shape, the world is your oyster! For fans of the loft and industrial style, we recommend the uniquely intriguing cube shape. This design will accentuate the style of your garden. Those who lean towards more classic designs will be perfectly served by a traditional round planter. If you’d rather not have your plant container directly touching your patio tiles or walkways, go for models with small legs. These don’t disrupt the overall aesthetic but offer a bit of elevation from the ground and make moving them around easier.

Planters for the Patio

Our extensive range offers a myriad of design possibilities – not just for gardens! Tall models, placed at the entrance of a home, set an elegant tone with a hint of extravagance right from the doorstep. Corten planters are also perfect for patios, especially the shorter ones with eye-catching designs. Such models will undoubtedly be the centerpiece of any patio, without overpowering the space or taking up too much room. Planters of the same model but varying heights or sizes allow for a harmonious, cohesive flower display. They add a modern sculptural touch to your property.