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Outdoor Planters

When designing a garden, we try to create a space for relaxation and entertainment. Some choose to laze in a hammock, some play ball, while others prefer to work in the garden. However, our green space is not only for people, it is also for plants! Garden pots will protect and expose our most delicate ornamental plants. If you plant them in pots, they’ll be safe from being dug up by dogs, trampled by playing children or run over by cars and bikes. In addition, potted plants are easier to fertilise and keep well watered. In this way, you will ensure good conditions for your plants, which brings rest not only to eyes that are tired from staring at a screen, but also to the mind, which is calmed by soothing greenery.

In the maze of solutions

When looking for modern plant pots for the garden, a huge range of possibilities opens up. Made of wood, stone, plastic, metal… It’s hard to decide! We recommend models made of the highest quality Corten steel. It is the best, year-round material for outdoor display – pots made of this material do not need to be hidden away for the winter! It does not require any maintenance, as it is specially adapted to weather conditions. This gives weathering steel an advantage over wood, which unfortunately requires impregnation. Metal is also the most durable material, resistant to tipping and dropping. It will certainly not break, crack or crumble like a concrete pot. Corten steel is distinguished by its beautiful rusty-brown colour – the colour will change and deepen over time, as Corten ‘works’ when exposed to sun and rain. It will not fade or fade like plastic. All these factors make a corten pot an excellent investment for years to come, which will decorate your garden for many seasons.

A garden of abundance

The models we have in our range come in many shapes and sizes, so there’s something for everyone. We usually opt for large pots that will blend in better with an open space. However, when it comes to choosing the form, you can bet on complete freedom! For loft and industrial style lovers we recommend the very interesting cube shape, which will emphasize the style of your garden. For those who prefer more classic solutions, a traditional round pot will be perfect. If you don’t want the plant cover to directly adjoin the terrace or pavement tiles, choose a model with small legs. They do not disturb the harmony of the whole mass, but give a piece of space above the ground and make it easier to move.

Terrace pots

Our wide offer opens up a number of design possibilities – not only for the garden! Tall models, placed in front of the entrance to the house from the threshold will add elegance with a slight touch of extravagance. Corten pots are also suitable for the terrace – especially the lower ones, but with an eye-catching form. These models will become an incredible decoration for any patio, without overwhelming it or taking up too much space. Pots of the same model, but with different heights or sizes, will create a harmonious, cohesive flowerbed that will grace your property like a modern sculpture.