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Standing Shelves

Storage space is essential in every home. In practically every room, there are various wardrobes, cupboards, and chests of drawers types, which are meant to organise our things, and help us arrange our home space. However, we don’t sometimes want to hide our treasures behind closed doors, which is why bookcases are essential! They’ll help you beautifully display your collection of books, DVDs, or family photos and mementos. However, standing shelves aren’t just furniture for the home. They’re also functional in modern offices. An office bookcase will help you organise your documents and files, so you always have them at hand. It’s a convenient alternative to locked cabinets, especially in home offices where an open office bookcase is only accessible to you.

Standing Bookshelves – a place for your home library

A decent bookcase is every bibliophile’s dream. However, bookshelves often aren’t enough to hold your entire book collection. In this case, it’s worth choosing a sturdy standing shelf. It will give you enough space to store your volumes and allow you to display your collection beautifully. Choose a model with a simple, unstructured frame. Why? It will allow you to fully expose the beauty of your book covers, as they will also be visible from the side! What’s more, choosing an open bookcase will enable you to use this piece of furniture on both sides. Therefore, you will be able to store twice as many books!
Additionally, you can easily separate the reading area in your living room or bedroom by putting up a standing shelf.
Are you worried that your books will fall off the wooden shelves of the bookcase? Get unique bookends that will keep your books in order and decorate your home bookcase beautifully!

Fifty shades of shelves

A standing bookcase is a piece of furniture that has much more uses – you can use it any way you want! It will be perfect in a hallway or wardrobe as a place for scarves, caps, or hats. You can put shoes on the lower shelf, so you will have everything at hand without having to dig through wardrobes and drawers.
An open standing shelf is also a great alternative to flower stands! Sometimes we have so many plants that we need to set aside a special place for them. A flower rack is a great idea that will allow you to present your plants wonderfully. At the same time, the open design of the furniture will provide adequate sunlight for your plants. It is also an all-purpose room piece of furniture, perfect for both the living room and the bedroom. Bookshelf looks ideal as a piece of furniture in a children’s room and a youth room – for school supplies, textbooks, and notebooks. The bookcase for the living room will accommodate your collections of photos, decorations, or any collected items.

Industrial standing shelf – the quintessential example of minimalist style

Modern bookcases are also an ideal piece of furniture for those who value minimalism and practical solutions. They are maximally usable, at the same time constituting an interesting element of the room’s decor. The minimalist construction of the industrial bookcase does not visually overload the room, in contrast to built-in wardrobes or glass showcases. However, the simple, geometric form of the loft bookcase is so universal that it will perfectly fit into any minimalist style interior – also in the bathroom. In this room, we also need a place to store cosmetics, perfume, or spare towels. If you don’t want to drill into the wall to hang a shelf, a rectangular shelf for the bathroom sounds like a good plan!