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Medal Hangers

Are you a successful athlete, but your medals are piling up at the bottom of a drawer? Or maybe someone you care about is a medal winner who has no way of displaying their achievements? Medal hangers are a perfect solution to these problems! It is an element of equipment indispensable for every athlete. It enables you to easily arrange a place for your trophies and elegantly present your sporting achievements. In addition, such a medal hanger will be an interesting decorative element of the interior. It will perfectly find its place in loft rooms and rooms decorated in a youth, modern style. A medal hanger, combined with a motivational quote on the wall, will create a coherent arrangement, ideally suited for every person who loves sports!

Medal hanger for everyone

We offer medal hangers designed for many sports disciplines, such as running, swimming, basketball or football, among others. But there are many more sports available! We also offer medal hangers with various motivational or humorous texts. It is also possible to order a medal hanger with a printed name or with your own text. We also offer simple medal hangers, without additional symbols and inscriptions, which are an excellent option while presenting large collections of medals, for example at schools or sport clubs. Owing to such a wide range of possibilities everyone will find a model perfectly matching their character and sport discipline. This product is ideal for anyone who frequently attends various competitions and sporting events.

A place on the podium

Over time, as your collection of medals grows, you may have trouble fitting it all on one hanger. Therefore, it may be a good idea to organize it on several different medal hangers. An interesting solution is to hang the different colors in such an arrangement in which the winners stand on the podium. Thus, gold medals will occupy the honorable, middle place. Silver rings will occupy a slightly lower position, on the left side, while bronze medals will hang to the right of the gold ones. A separate hanger can be used for commemorative or participation medals. In this way you will create a unique arrangement that not only in an ingenious way will expose the trophies won, but it will also adorn your room!

Reach for the gold

Of course, there are many more possible arrangements! You can choose the way to display your medals according to the type of trophies you have won. Are your medals mostly gold? Choose your medal hanger accordingly! Are your medals mostly silver? A medal hanger in the same color will complete your collection perfectly. Or maybe a black color will better underline noble colors of your medals? The choice is yours! Whether you decide on black, white, gold, silver or bronze, your medals will surely look masterful.

A gift deserving a medal

A medal hanger is also a perfect gift for every medal winner expressing your admiration for all the hard work and effort they have invested to achieve success. Not only can it be a separate gift, but it can also be attached to the medal presented at the podium.
Medal hangers are available in several sizes and widths: 20, 40, 60 or 80 centimeters. All are made from high quality structural steel. This ensures that the product is extremely durable and will last for many years, holding many medals. An interesting design of our medal hangers will surely appeal to every sports lover and by that you will be able to offer them a fabulous gift!