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Wine Racks

Since ancient times people have always been gathering to socialize and drink delicious wine. These kinds of meetings have not lost on popularity among people who wish to nourish their spirit as well as indulge their taste buds. For many people wine drinking is a sort of a ritual while gathering with their friends and family. However, some prefer to delight in wine tasting on their own, accompanied only by a good book or a movie. One thing is certain – every fine wine deserves to be stored properly and treated kindly and this is where floor standing wine racks and mounted wine racks come into the picture. These two wine storing accessories are very practical and make it easy to serve wine at home in a professional way. So let’s bring in the grape harvest!

Why should a wine bottle be stored on its side?

It is unthinkable for real wine connoisseurs to store their wine bottles in an upright position on a table or on a shelf. Storing a bottle of wine on its side serves a very precise purpose, which is keeping a cork submerged. Thanks to such storage the cork neither dries out nor it lets air into the bottle, which would otherwise cause oxidized wine to lose its bouquet. This is why wine racks help to save flavor of each bottle of wine for as long as possible.
However, wines in the twist – off style should be stored vertically, rather than horizontally, in order to prevent the contact of metal with alcohol. So if your favorite bottles of wine are screw cupped it would be best to choose a wall mounted wine rack to keep your wines from getting a metallic taste.

A gift for a connoisseur

When it comes down to choosing a gift for an amateur of fermented grape juice, a wine rack (beside a cork screw) is an obvious choice. It will allow you to put your wine collection on display, rather than letting it gather dust in a wardrobe. Perhaps you have got a professional wine taster among your friends. Such a person would certainly have a considerably rich collection of spirits and struggle with too little shelf space. A convenient wine holder will make it easy to have a wine bottle you are drinking at hand.

While traveling, true wine lovers often bring back sophisticated souvenirs such as spirits, rather than fridge magnets or postcards. These are often wine bottles in an interesting shape, ornamented with unusual labels or coming from the local vineyards. Floor standing or wall mounted wine racks make for a great gift, allowing their owners to take pride in their souvenirs from afar.

Red or white wine?

This is the question we might often hear in a restaurant, another suitable space for standing and mounted wine racks. The bottles elegantly exposed behind the bar tempt the clients with a promise of a delicious glass of wine to go with their favorite meal. The wine labels put on display in a beautiful way would surely inspire diners to get a glass of wine for a starter. Wineries and bars, having a wide offer of wines which deserve to be exposed in the best way, are rather obvious places where wine racks belong. It would be wise to place different kinds of wines in separate wine racks to show a wide variety of available types: white, red, rose or sparkling.

The seasoned taste of luxury

Those who cannot afford having their own wine cellar would certainly appreciate a practical solution like this. It is simply more practical to keep the wine bottles in wine racks rather than in a cupboard or a drinks cabinet allowing you to quickly find the desired bottle. The wine collection will be delightful to a discriminating palate and pleasing to an eye.

Remember to put your chosen wine rack in a shaded place and at a steady temperature. If you provide suitable storage conditions for your bottles, wine tasting will become a sublime pleasure and every sip of your drink will taste delicious.