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Fence Posts

A fence is an indispensable element of every plot of land. It not only secures the area, preventing entry of unauthorised persons and strange animals. It also ensures privacy and freedom of use of your property. However, to permanently and properly install a metal fence, you will need practical fence posts! They are just responsible for supporting the fence, and its components: fence panels and spans. What is more, the posts also fit the entrance gate and the wicket. Therefore, ordering any previously mentioned products, make sure you get functional metal posts right away!

Solid Support

All our posts are made of a solid aluminum profile, which is anticorrosive- resistant, through hot-dip galvanisation, and powder coating. Thanks to it, posts are resistant to weather conditions such as rain, snow, or temperature changes. What other advantages do fence posts have? First of all, they do not require maintenance, unlike popular models made of wood. What’s more, they are a neat alternative to heavy concrete posts. Square profile posts are sturdy and durable, so they can easily hold even heavy fence spans or panels.

Fence Post Installation

We offer posts for panel fencing in several heights and two types. The first one, for screwing, already has a suitable base and does not require concreting. The second type is for digging in. This type is slightly longer as it requires concreting and has no basis. Remember that before fixing the fence panels to the posts, you have to think about their spacing. After all, the metal posts are the carrier of the whole fence! Therefore, posts placement for panels should be adjusted to the size of fence elements so that you do not have to cut anything.

Decoration of the plot

Galvanised posts are the way to create not only a tidy but also a decorative fence. The ends of the posts are topped with an elegant canopy made of metal and not of colour-fading plastic. Moreover, all stabilising posts are available in five colours: black, white, graphite, brown, and anthracite. You can also opt for a post that is only galvanised. That way, you can match their appearance with the whole fence. Additionally, our steel fence panels and spans are characterized by beautiful and unique designs. With their help, you will create perfect fencing for your plot. Remember, however, that without the mounting posts, they are of no use!