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Towel Racks

There are things you rarely notice on day to day basis, but their absence makes smooth living harder. One of these objects is a towel rack. It keeps towels from lying in a pool of water on a wet floor, the towels can be kept in good order, dry, clean and fresh in a hygienic, neat and tidy bathroom. Towel racks with a simple design with an inscription, a sign or in a shape of a drop would work best for a compact bathroom with a shower cubicle.

What if we go a step further? Suppose we choose metal towel racks, whether they be free standing, wall mounted or ceiling mounted racks, having a designer, geometric shape, we could have an original bathroom decor not just for fans of minimalistic, industrial or loft styles. Keeping straight lines and a spatial form to the towel holder gives a bathroom an exclusive touch. The practical shape is its undeniable advantage. Hanging a towel on an oblong bar it dries much quicker because a better air circulation is ensured.

The modern towel stand

One of the most important advantages of the towel stand is its interesting form, another being the fact that there is no need to drill into the wall – or worse – newly laid tiles! Free standing towel racks without the need to drill are an ideal solution for a new or just renovated bathroom. What’s more, by deciding to install this type of a towel rack you will be able to easily move it around any way you want.

Towel stand sounds like a great idea for people who have a freestanding bathtub in their bathroom which are usually placed further from the wall so that typical towel racks will not be suitable for such a bathroom arrangement. Installing a free standing towel rack will make it easier to always have a towel within reach. This sort of a stand would also be handy in places where bathtubs are used by people physical disabilities because, typically hangers or hooks are placed higher above the bathtub. This way, the free standing towel rack, will considerably increase the ease of taking a bath by people with disabilities or heath problems.

Towel rack or towel stand?

Towel stands, in their unobtrusive form, are not the only towel racks we can offer of course. Although their stable and sturdy frame structure make them easy to install, without the need to drill into the walls, they are not always an ideal option. They will be great for drying a large bath towel though a typical towel rack would be better to hang a bath rope, clothes or pyjamas. The further model type is also very suitable for mounting in the toilet or beside a washbasin. A wall mounted framed towel rack is best for storing clean towels. Whereas, for those who value every square meter in their bathroom as worth its weight in gold we offer a functional ceiling mounted towel rack with a shelf, which not only takes no space on the bathroom floor but also gives extra space for personal items and toiletries, because it hangs from the ceiling. This way, you will always have a bath towel and necessary toiletries within reach.

The idea for a bathroom decor

Towel racks in geometric shape and form are chosen more and more often when decorating bathrooms, both at home and in hotels. They will ideally complement interiors where marble or wood materials are used and will be ideal decoration in homes in the style of a modern barn. Such a towel rack becomes a decorative and eye-catching element of an interior design apart from its utility function. What’s more, metal bathroom accessories are moisture resistant so the one you choose will certainly last for ages.

Minimalistic form of the towel racks does not mean minimalitic options – on the contrary – each of the model types on offer, such as towel stand, a ceiling mounted towel rack or a wall mounted towel rack are available in four options: single, double, triple or as a shelf. This gives huge opportunities to arrange a bathroom in an individual style. Even cleaning could be a pleasure in such stylish bathroom!