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Wall Clocks

Time is unstoppable and inescapable and people have always been looking for ways to handle it. In contemporary, fast-paced world there is a constant need to watch it in order to avoid being late as well as to know how much time we have left to keep up to date with tasks. When outside, we often check the time on our mobiles but at home, at work and other indoor places we usually use a wall clocks. This elegant and ever trendy element of an interior design combines two big advantages: utility and decoration! The clocks on our offer are available in a variety of different styles and sizes and one thing is sure – they will become a unique decoration of your space. Even though time flies when you are having fun, it is good to be aware of what time it is.

Keep time under control

A wall clocks fits in with practically every type of an interior. If the walls in your house are empty, a minimalistc mechanical clock can become their main decor. It would blend in perfectly with decorative plaster if you hang it in a hallway and it will always show you when to leave for work or school. An exclusive classic clock is ideal for a living room, giving it a chic and elegant look in a subtle and sublime way. Another very interesting idea for interior arrangement is a tower clock that replicates Big Ben – the most famous iconic landmark. A design inspired by a railway station clock would complement a concrete or brick wall, painted in red or white. The wooden and wood-like clocks are recommended for a bedroom whereas the ones in rustic or Provance styles would look amazing on bright coloured wallpaper.

Kitchen clocks

Choosing a kitchen clock, you might want to apply different criteria as its functionality will be valued over its appearance. It should have a clear display so you could easily tell the time even if you check it in a hurry. Thanks to this, you will always know when to take a cake out of an oven or how much time is left for your dinner to be ready, especially if you do not own a timer. After all, you need to keep an eye on passing hours, minutes or even seconds if you want your meals to be tasty. We recommend the ever trendy retro style clock. It is a wonderful and timeless theme. On the one hand, it refers to the past and on the other it follows the modern and future trends. It will surely withstand the test of time!

Keep up with the times

The public and official spaces are different kinds of places for a clock. On the one hand, it is a much required element of an interior design and on the other hand, it should fit in with an official character of a building. Large clock models will be the best choice for offices. A style should be selected regarding specific interior requirements. A business character of an interior would be complemented by a black and modern clock, which would not only be a nice decorative addition but would also help you keep an eye on time during a meeting. Interior design is especially important for hotels and guesthouses. These are the places where clients pay a special attention to adornment. Nowadays, when the market in hotel industry is very competitive, you need to make sure your hotel stands out. For that reason, the choice of a clock for a lobby or a hotel reception is so important! Classic clock models with a mirror would match an interior of a luxurious hotel while a metal wall clock would fit in well with the modern style. If you are running a family guesthouse, where time passes more slowly and life takes on a different pace, you should focus on a wooden wall clock with a flowery theme.

Little watchmaker

A clock for kids is a different matter altogether. It should be easy for the youngest ones to decipher. To make a learning process easier it would be good to choose one with Arabic rather than Roman numerals. Apart from it being clear, it should also be appropriate for a kids’ room. Clocks in warm colours and friendly shapes, like a cloud shaped clock for example, will look amazing. It will encourage your child to learn reading a classic clock and help to master the task! Regardless of whether your wall is painted, wallpapered, panelled or bare, hanging a clock is a piece of cake and will take only a little while. All our clocks are equipped with a battery powered quartz movement which ensures superior accuracy and require minimal maintenance.