Outdoor Fire Pits

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Outdoor Fire Pits

One of the most pleasurable ways of spending quality time outdoors is enjoying a bonfire together with family or friends. Unfortunately, it means you need to first light a campfire and later, after it has been put out, clean up the mess in the garden. Outdoor fire pits seems to be an answer to these issues. They are as easy to light up as to clean up. They quickly heat up and provide warmth during colder afternoons but also during the summer evenings and warm nights. They are also perfect in spring or autumn seasons as a gleaming fire will nicely brighten dark afternoons. You can relax without worrying about who will clean up afterwards. Spending outdoor quality time has never been easier!

What’s more, you can put the three legged fire pit on your lawn in the garden, a patio or a garden pavement thanks to the fire bowl placed above the ground. In this way hot metal touch or damage the flooring, be it panels or tiles.

Fireplace for a garden

Fire pits for the garden are the essence of practicality above all else. They are easy-care and you can effortlessly clear up the ashes. Lighting a fire becomes very easy as its elevated sides protect the gentle flame from gushes of wind. Another convenient option is a fire pit with a grill grate which makes ashes fall down to the bottom of the pit so that you can continue enjoying the sight of burning logs. A fire pit for the garden is an ideal solution for those who care about their neat garden lawn. A traditional bonfire makes an unpleasant looking circle in a turf. A fire pit with legs prevents a flame from a direct contact with a ground. What’s more, it is portable so you can move it around depending on where you need to put it so that the wind does not extinguish the burning flame.

Safe encounters with fire

The fire pit is a safer solution than a bonfire as its elevated sides prevent the ashes and fire from being scattered all over the yard and creating a fire hazard. Another advantage of its high sides is the fact that they will make it difficult for children to have a contact with an open flame thus improving their safety. What’s more, you can use it in many ways, on the one hand you have a classic bonfire for cooking sausages on the stick and on the other hand you get to use it as a fire pit with a grill function. If you use an additional grill grate you can put your favourite food on it and prepare it exactly the way like it! A fire pit’s advantage over a classic charcoal barbecue is the possibility to enjoy an open fire. If you choose a model with a large diameter it will be possible to put a cast-iron pot inside to prepare aromatic meals.

Such a fire place for a garden will become an excellent element of every garden party being both an outdoor lighting as well as a natural source of warmth on a colder evening.

Modern bonfire ideas

The corten steel fire pit will surely interest you if you care about a unique design and effective solutions. They have a very interesting look while having all the advantages of outdoor fire pits. The natural rusty brown colour of this alloy harmonizes nicely with wood and fire creating an amazing spectacle. A square or irregular shaped corten fire pit will become a modern sculpture and an interesting decoration for your garden. If you combine it with log holders, made of the same material, they will create a unique and harmonious composition for your backyard.

Round fire pits made of steel are an equally attractive option. Models made of this material are not only stable and refractory but also lighter than massive corten fire pits. What’s more, you can choose your ideal one, based not only on the diameter of the bowl but also the height of the legs. In addition, the steel tripods are equipped with ergonomic handles, making it much easier to carry the fire pit.