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Accent tables

Is your living room lacking a countertop where you can put your cup and snacks? Maybe you’re looking for a convenient place for your phone or TV remote control? Then the functional accent tables will be indispensable for you. You can put them on the side of a sofa or armchair and slide the metal base under the furniture. This way, they’ll hardly take up any space in your room. Additionally, they’re lightweight and easy to move around, so wherever you sit, you’ll always have a convenient tabletop for your essentials. Despite their small size, they are very stable because their frame is made of solid metal. It is very functional and multifunctional furniture. Thanks to its small size, it won’t take up much of your home space.

Side table for living room

A comfortable accent table will be suitable practically in every living room, both large and small. First of all, it will perfectly fit into arrangements in Scandinavian style, which appreciate not only practical but also designer solutions. The simple, loft-like model fits perfectly into industrial-type interiors, referring to raw, factory furniture. A black table will complete a minimalist style, using only a few colors.

In any case, it is worth choosing a set and combining the given accent table with a coffee table or a dining table for the living room. Thanks to this, you will ensure comfort and convenience and furnish your living room harmoniously.

One table, many functions

Side tables are incredibly versatile pieces of furniture. Because they are higher than standard desks or tables, you can use them in a standing position. It is an excellent option for people who use their laptops a lot. If you place it on a tall table, you can work standing up. It is a real relief if you are sitting most of the day.

It is a piece of furniture that is also perfect for the bedroom. It is superb as a breakfast table for a bed! It’s higher than your bedside table so you can eat in comfort. What’s more, it’s handy if you want to use your laptop in bed, too. You can safely put your computer on it and work or watch while sitting up. It is definitely better than keeping it on your lap, comforter, or blanket, which can lead to hardware overheating.

You can also use a side table as a base for a pot. If you have a beautiful plant specimen or a unique potholder, you can place it on the side table at a prominent point in the room.