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Garden Screen Panels

The backyard garden is a place where we spend many moments relaxing and having fun – not only in the warm months. That is why we want to ensure our privacy. Garden screen panels give us an opportunity to separate our personal space. It is a piece of equipment that not only fulfils its utilitarian function perfectly, but also decorates your garden. You can opt for a steel, openwork model or a solid panel made of Corten. It all depends on you and your preferences and the character of your garden. Decorative metal panels will certainly give your garden a unique character. They also make it stand out from the others with its trendy design!

The way to a secret garden

Lack of privacy is usually a problem for people with gardens in detached housing estates. Installing a screen allows you to cover any point in the garden, such as a swimming pool or a sandpit. You can also hide technical elements behind it, such as an air conditioner or a fan. A screen is also a great idea for covering the usually unattractive composter. Metal panels will hide everything you want from view – and they’ll do it in a remarkably stylish way!

If you live in a terraced house with only a small garden, a garden screen becomes indispensable. It allows you to separate your terrace space from your close neighbours. Corten panels work best in this role. They create a closed, personal – and very designer! – asylum, hidden from view.

Shades and glamours of a screen

Garden screens have many more advantages than just covering or partitioning off a chosen space. On colder days, they protect from wind or draught. In spring and summer they provide pleasant shade. Panels can also be used to fill in the walls of arbours and pergolas to create an interesting focal point in the garden, breaking the typical pattern of wooden garden furnishings. The metal screen also has the advantage over wood that it is insensitive to weather conditions. The steel sheet panels are protected against corrosion, so they will certainly last you for years.
If you are looking for a solution for a really long time, it is best to opt for Corten. This material is extremely resistant to various weather conditions. A screen made of this steel over the years will be covered with a layer that makes it resistant to rust. As a result, its colour will deepen over time.

A private art garden

Our screens are worth combining together with fence panels. With such panels you can create not only a fence, but also a balcony or terrace balustrade. Betting on a similar design of both the fence and the screen, your garden will gain a beautiful, coherent arrangement. We have several types of patterns, including floral or geometric, and within each type there is a wide choice of models: from very ornamental to unusual, simple forms – as if from an abstract painting. You’re sure to find the perfect screen design to complement your garden and make you feel like you’re in a private paradise!