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Wall Quotes

Have you ever dreamed of having a cup of coffee in the company of your favourite writer or thinker? There is a way to make his words resonate in your space – hang your favoured quotes on the wall! The words of our favourite author or hero hung in a living room give a substitute for his presence in our lives. The meaning of the written words will give us strength in our daily struggles.

A golden thought

The decorative inscription will undoubtedly make a beautiful decoration of your home. Made with the utmost care, it will surely catch the eye and draw the attention of all your guests. The metal quotation will perfectly fit into both austere and modern interiors. Classic and Scandinavian interiors are a beautiful background for wall quotes too. (especially those in white colour). Brick, wood, or paint – metal decorations go well with any material!

Wisdom in quotes

The designs of our inscriptions are very diverse, and many of them are quotes by prominent writers. We particularly recommend them for the living room. Such a motto hung, for instance, next to a bookshelf, makes a beautiful, complimentary interior design.
Of course, let’s not take everything seriously! Humorous words will bring an element of flair and fantasy to our home. A funny quote will improve your mood on a gloomy day and put you in a positive frame of mind!

Be inspired

Motivational quotes are also an inspiration idea. They will find themselves well in, for example, a teenager’s room. Such an issue will go well together with the medals rack, creating a “wall of glory” in the room of a young sportsman. The ideal space for motivational slogans is also the hallway or corridor. A glance before leaving will immediately give you energy for the whole day!

Religious Wall Quotes

Many of our quotes are from the Bible, mainly from the New Testament and the Book of Psalms. We also have sentences delivered by the most important figures of the Church, including the golden thoughts of John Paul II. Religious quotes, placed in the living room or the hall, will clearly show our values. Such an inscription, hung next to a cross or a metal icon, will create a peaceful and thoughtful space where the whole family can gather to pray together.