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Water Features

Many people find the gentle and soothing murmur of water relaxing and calming. In order to achieve this atmospheric ambience in your home haven, garden fountains are placed. However, this sometimes seems to be a complicated installation that requires a lot of work. Nothing could be further from the truth! Fountains with a closed water circuit are a very convenient solution. This means you do not need to connect them to the sewer system. Just pour the water into the tank and connect the device to electricity – and you can enjoy the contact with the gushing spring!
All our fountains are equipped with LED lighting. Thanks to this they will look beautiful also after dusk. Their beautiful illumination, reflected in the surface of the water, will give your garden a mysterious, fairy-tale aura. Summer evenings will never be more special!

Toss in a coin for luck

Gardens with a fountain immediately gain in elegance, and the spring itself becomes a focal point that immediately draws attention to itself. That’s why it is worth betting on a solid fountain from the higher end, and not on the cheapest model from the market. We are sure that our illuminated fountain will become a beautiful and exclusive showcase of your garden. If you have a large garden and are looking for an exclusive solution, bet on a classic, round model. Combine it with beautiful plants, displayed in matching pots, and you’ll create a modern arrangement reminiscent of palace gardens. If your garden area is not too large, opt for a small fountain somewhat resembling a waterfall. To make it stand out against the background of nature, place it on a pedestal. This will create an interesting focal point that looks like a modern statue. You can also use the same solution on a terrace or in an arbour where space is limited. It will certainly add a lot of character to your property!

A source of wisdom

In addition to their aesthetic qualities, our fountains also have a number of practical advantages. They are incredibly easy to install. They don’t require any special preparation of the garden or terrace – all you need to do is plug them in. You can move the cascade to any place on your property at any time. If necessary, you can empty the water from the fountain and hide it away. Therefore, it is a sensible and smart, yet very luxurious choice!
Usually, fountains are placed in line with garden ponds and ponds Unfortunately, they have a number of disadvantages. You have to set aside a considerable amount of space for them, or include them in the initial garden design.  In addition, you set them up “once and for all”. – You don’t have the option of moving them to another part of the property. The same goes for removing them – you won’t do it for one season or for the time when our small children are grown. For all these reasons, small architecture in the form of a modern water feature is a great alternative to typical ponds or small ponds.