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Novels, atlases, textbooks, reference books, newspapers and magazines – everyone has a larger or smaller book collection at home. Whether you collect fiction or non-fiction, you need bookshelves. They make it possible to keep our literary collection in order, and also to utilise the space wisely. They also make it easier to reach for your favourite volumes, as books, with their spines facing the reader, are easy to locate. Remember that on a hanging shelf you can place not only books, but also everything you collect. Whether it’s figurines, CDs, photos or film collections, whatever you put on the shelf, it will be there!

A top-shelf product

No matter how many titles and formats you have, you need a comfortable place to store your collection. Hanging bookshelves are a solution that praises practicality and good organisation. Such a shelf practically does not take up any space – in contrast to standing bookcases. You can find a piece of wall space for it anywhere – even if your floor space is not very large. A model that makes the most of scarcely used space is the corner shelf. Umieszczona w kącie pokoju, stanie się niebanalną dekoracją. To świetne rozwiązanie, jeżeli potrzebujesz dodatkowego miejsca na przechowywanie, a nie jesteś w stanie wstawić dodatkowej szafki. Metalowa półka bardzo wytrzymała i odporna na zarysowania. Możesz bez obaw przecierać ją na mokro nie bojąc się, że jej to zaszkodzi. Drewniane meble niestety wymagają większej troski i pielęgnacji. A shelf made of high quality metal guarantees that it will serve you for years, invariably keeping your books in order.

Books at your fingertips

Our bookshelves have a place in every room of your home. If you’re a big fan of cooking, hang one in the kitchen – all your cookery books will always be close at hand! In the children’s room, a model decorated with a character of a friendly animal will find a great place – it will surely encourage a small reader to read. In addition, there will be a real order among fairy tales, comics and novels for children, which will satisfy parents. If you usually read in the living room, we recommend hanging an invisible book shelf there, which is our real hit. It has special hooks at the bottom for attaching the cover, so that the shelf becomes invisible. In spite of its great popularity, it is not a high-priced item at all! No matter what style you decide to arrange your bookcase in, you can be sure that you will find a shelf that will match the character of your collection. Why? All models are available in five colours: black, white, gold, silver and copper.

Everything in its place

It’s an interesting idea to arrange a room in one consistent style. In order to achieve this effect, it is worth betting on mutually complementary elements of interior design. If we combine a shelf with interesting book supports, we will gain not only practical space for books, but also harmonious decoration. A newspaper holder of similar design, placed underneath, will be a great component for the whole room. If we place a wall quote of our favourite writer next to the shelf, we will create a real reading paradise!