Wall Mounted Bike Racks

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Wall Mounted Bike Racks

Can’t imagine getting around town on a bike? Do you value a healthy lifestyle and ecology? Or maybe cycling is your way of having a good weekend? Cycling is associated with freedom and has many advantages. However, it has one disadvantage: our vehicle takes up a lot of space indoors, which in a way restricts our freedom. Whether we keep it in the flat or in the garage, it is important to functionally manage the space intended for our two wheels. Bicycle racks are a great help. It is a simple way to easily solve the problem of space for our vehicle.

Wall hanger for bikes

Lack of adequate space for a bicycle is a problem faced by many lovers of riding on two wheels. Parking your bike outdoors can be a real headache for fear of theft or corrosion. Putting it in a corridor can be a nuisance in the long run. Garaging a bike on the balcony makes this part of the flat unusable – and the same goes for the cellar. Keeping your bike in the garage may seem like the best idea. However, how many times have you accidentally knocked over your beloved bike? Installing a wall mounted bike rack will solve the problems in any of these situations! By screwing the wall bracket to any desired place, your vehicle will find its own place. Additionally, you will bring order to your space.

Design on two wheels

A bike hanger can be not only a practical, but also a decorative solution! We are increasingly opting for bikes that are not only comfortable, but also beautiful and eye-catching in shape and colour. A bike hanging in a hallway or corridor can serve as an original decoration of our flat. A vehicle mounted in a teenager’s room will give that room a more personal, sporty feel.

Our horizontal hangers are characterised by easy assembly. Just take a few moments, and you will no longer need to worry about finding a suitable place. Hanging a bike on a hanger is even easier; it literally takes seconds. Furthermore, it’s a safe option for your vehicle. The frame holder has been fitted with special rubber covers so as not to scratch the paintwork. If you have a ladies’ bike, the best option is the pedal and tyre hanger. Both models are available in two colours: black and white, so you can choose the one that better suits not only your interior but also your bike!