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Key Hooks

Have you been wasting your time looking for keys and got late again? Perhaps you have locked yourself out and kept waiting for the flat mates to get back home? Are you worried that, in the end, you would lose the keys in the apartment? The solution to these problems are special key hooks! If you mount them in your hallway they will be safe and will have a designated place in your apartment or flat. The key hooks mounted in a visible place will always remind you to take your keys with you as well as prevent the notorious loss of the small but essential things. They will bring order to your living space and save a lot of your precious time.

The key matter

The key hooks are very practical. Their first, but not the least, advantage is bringing order to different keys which you probably use. A key for your apartment, gate, mailbox, wardrobe, bike lock, office and car keys…We could go on and on but one thing is certain, this one object can organise them all! Another advantage  is preventing the surface of your furniture from scratching and you can make it child friendly by hanging it at high level.

It is worth adding, that the key hooks will be suitable for more than just a household use. They would also serve their purpose in a control room, a concierge desk or a guesthouse, being both an element of an interior design and a practical everyday-use object above all.

The key to a thoughtful gift

While focusing on a practical side of the key hooks let’s not forget about their decorative function. They are an ideal gift for a new house or an apartment. The hosts would surely be pleased with such a convenient and original solution for their hallway. Another interesting idea would be assembling an inscription from single letters as there is a possibility to buy personalised key hooks with your own name on it. There are many options having one thing in common, usefulness and interesting design!