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Pathway Lights

Planning outdoor lighting is quite a challenge. It must not only be functional and practical but also illuminate your premises beautifully. That’s why the pathway lights that will be placed on your plot need to be chosen carefully. If you spotlight your garden in the right way with a skillful play of light and shadow, you’ll create a unique atmosphere. Summer evenings on the terrace, romantic dinners outdoors, or garden parties with family and friends will have a completely different mood.
However, choosing lamps for your garden, don’t just look at their beauty. The luminaires must be waterproof, weather-resistant, and have a high enough protection rating (IP), which should be at least 44. It is worth noting that they should be galvanised, made of stainless steel or Corten. Solid post lamps will become a decoration of your garden and serve you for many years, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.

A functional source of light

Well-selected and well-placed outdoor lamps help you considerably in your everyday life. Placed along the driveway, they make it easier to enter or leave the garage. It is also worth illuminating the pavement and the entrance to the house. This way, you won’t have to look for your keys in the dark. You can also place standing lamps along garden paths. It will allow you to move around your property at night without anyone stepping on your well-tended lawn. They’re also great as patio or gazebo lights. Thanks to it, you will be able to spend time outside until late at night. If you are the lucky owner of a swimming pool, illuminating it will enable you to enjoy swimming even after dark.

Of course, garden lighting isn’t only functional when you’re spending time in the backyard. If you are at home in the evening with the lights on,
you can’t see what happens in the garden. If you place lights inside, they will brighten up your property. Thanks to it, you will feel safer.

A dazzling effect

Garden standing lamps aren’t just practical as spotlights for your plot. They can also add a touch of beauty to your property by coordinating with different elements on your property. You can use them to illuminate unique plants, flowers, or shrubs in your beds or flowerbeds. They’ll bring out the gloom and make a stunning natural decoration. If you have sculptures or statues on your plot, lighting them is essential! Placing a light source in the proper position is enough to create a breath-taking effect.

What’s more, elegant landscape lighting can serve as a garden decoration too. Just choose the pole lights that suit the character of your property. You can opt for modern or classic models. However, remember to select the most energy-efficient and long-lasting lighting. In this case, LED lighting works best. LED lamps are a modern and cost-effective way to provide perfect light fitting for your garden!